Brand style leads the fashion trend,2900 mAh large battery,8MP+5MP High-definition camera

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5.5 inch ,Camera 8MP+5MP,  2900 mAh large battery



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HSEM was founded in February 2001,Beijing. In 2008, with the continuous growth of the company, the company set up HSEM Technology CO., Ltd in Shenzhen, HSEM devoted itself to the integrated nature of research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of mobile phone. During this period, we obtained a number of certificates and rewards such as appearance patents, utility model patents, software independent patents, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises and national high-tech enterprises. Besides there are two clean and spacious plant,18,000 square meters, a strong logistics and freight team.
“EIGOU” is a brand of HSEM, which covers smart phones, smart helmets, earphones, stereos and other personalized customized products, and will continue to expand in the smart home field and health field in the future.On September 27, 2018, Shenzhen's first intellectual property trademark asset “EIGOU” was successfully listed in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange Center. The stock abbreviation: EIGOU, stock code: 890078.
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