Huawei nova 4 real machine rendering map first exposure: this is a big move
Issue Time:2018-11-28
At the moment, the technology of the camera under the screen has become a hot topic in the mobile phone circle. When everyone thinks that the mobile phone equipped with this technology will not be seen until next year, Samsung, Huawei and Lenovo have successively sent news about related products. Among them, Huawei It has announced that it will release a new ultra-thin full-screen mobile phone in December, which is widely interpreted as a new generation of nova mobile phones, namely Huawei nova 4.

From the official release of the poster, the extreme full screen solution should be the use of the screen camera technology, or a full-hole screen. Its front camera is located in the upper left corner of the screen and is located below the screen, so that the front camera can be well preserved without the use of a slide structure or a lift camera structure. If Huawei nova 4 can really adopt this design, then the screen ratio data will be very amazing, which is a big move.

According to the latest real-life renderings of foreign sources, @VenyaGeskin1, Huawei nova 4 is almost the same as expected. Although the chin has a certain width, the effect is already very shocking. In addition, the back of the machine adopts a three-camera design arrangement similar to Huawei P20 Pro. It is not excluded that this picture is made by @VenyaGeskin1 based on P20 Pro. If this rendering is true, would you like Huawei nova 4?

Article source: Mobile China

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