Apple promotes new iPad Pro: gives five reasons to replace PC
Issue Time:2018-11-20
A new generation of iPad Pro has been released, although its price is more expensive, but Apple has strengthened the properties of its more powerful tools, especially after replacing the USB-C interface.

Now, Apple officially released a set of propaganda instructions, the main idea is to highlight the powerful office capabilities of the iPad Pro, which can replace the PC you use every day. To know that Cook also said that in general, his daily work is also done through the iPad Pro.

From the elements listed by Apple, the five reasons why the new iPad Pro can replace your daily PC are: 1. The A12 processor is powerful enough to exceed the performance of many ultra-thin notebooks; 2. It can bring you cameras and music. Studio, editing suite and many other uses; 3, the new Apple Pencil with iPad Pro is simply better; 4, support LTE network, let you move the office at any time; 5, new gestures are more convenient for you to control the computer.

The above is Apple believes that the new iPad Pro can let you get rid of the main features of the PC, do not know if you agree, but to say that, because of the full screen, the new iPad Pro is more expensive, the most expensive More than 15,000 yuan.

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