I am afraid that old mobile phones will divulge privacy, and it is really good to restore the factory.
Issue Time:2018-11-19
In today's Internet age, mobile phones are naturally a must-have for people. There may be many people who have never imagined what entertainment they would have when they didn't have a mobile phone.

As people's lives become more and more refined, many people have changed their speeds quite quickly in order to follow the tide. Some people have to change their mobile phones again within half a year.

However, frequent replacements have generated a large number of used mobile phones. There are reports that at least one of the 90% of households has used used mobile phones.

If the in-depth data clearing process of the mobile phone is fine, if it is not handled well and is targeted by the person with the heart, what should I do?

Previously, for most people, they usually chose to take the old mobile phone to the recycling office and sell it. After all, it is better to take the place to pay if you don’t want to take it at home.

Some netizens believe that it is enough to delete personal information and restore the factory settings before selling the mobile phone. Is this really the case?

Many technicians broke the news, although many people will delete the contacts, photos and some APP software in the old mobile phone, but in fact, this deletion only deletes the directory, and the corresponding content is still stored in the mobile phone.

There are many mobile phone repair shops in the market that have data recovery services. The Internet is also flooded with a large number of data recovery software. Even if you delete the mobile phone data, you can recover some data back.

For example, Apple's resume master website shows that its software can be "stupid" operation, speed recovery of text messages, contacts, memos, photos, call records, calendars, reminders and other iOS data.

Although the Apple Recovery Masters developer said that you must have permission to unlock your phone when using the software. But if you buy a second-hand phone, then getting access to it is a breeze. Whether it is a PC or a mobile phone, the deleted data portion can be recovered.

In fact, the mobile phone is not sold after it is used, it is a good thing to reuse resources, but for the sake of data security, it has fallen into a dilemma.

Then the problem is coming. How can a used mobile phone be handled?

If the discarded mobile phones are discarded at will, it will cause environmental problems and waste of resources, which is naturally undesirable.

If used mobile phones and batteries are buried, heavy metals such as gold, mercury, lead, and cadmium will directly contaminate the soil and groundwater. If it is simply burned, the gas it produces will pollute the air, causing poisoning and serious harm to human health.

So can you just leave your old phone at home?

But then again, in today's big data era, privacy such as phone numbers has been leaked out, such as the receipt of various advertisements every day is evidence. Therefore, if you don't want your mobile phone to be idle at home, if you really want to sell it, be cautious. In fact, the problem is not big.

Before selling a mobile phone, be sure to remove the memory card first, then delete all personal information, including account number, address book, SMS, photo, video, etc., and then restore the phone factory settings.

Subsequently, you can deposit a large amount of irrelevant video or music resources on the mobile phone, confirm that the mobile phone space is completely filled, and repeatedly cover it several times, so that even if the subsequent data recovery is the most insignificant data in the storage.

In addition, it is best to go to a relatively regular professional mobile phone recycling site, at least the credibility is guaranteed.

The relevant departments should also establish an old mobile phone recycling system as soon as possible, which can reduce environmental pollution and turn waste mobile phones into treasure. In the era of the proliferation of used mobile phones, it is an urgent task.

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