Some users' Apple accounts are locked. The current reason is unknown.
Issue Time:2018-11-14
Sina Digital News On the morning of November 14th, some Apple product users said on social networks, for some reason, their Apple ID was locked.

In the past 20 hours or so, Apple seems to have locked in some users' Apple ID accounts. The reason is unknown. According to user feedback on Reddit and Twitter, just for security reasons.

Some iPhone users say on social networks that it makes it almost impossible for them to use Apple devices or services because Apple Music, Apple TV TV boxes, etc. all require Apple ID.

On Twitter, Apple's service account @AppleSupport is guiding users to the "Support Community" page, which explains what to do if your Apple ID is locked. In almost all instances of social media, users say they have to reset their passwords in order to get back their accounts.

Since Apple has not responded, it is unclear why these mandatory password resets are behind.

According to our experience, when someone tries to crack the password, or log in to the device in a short time, it will trigger the protection mechanism of AppleID, so it is not excluded that this may be a small-scale hack. (Xiaoguang)

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