The last sprint! Double 11 white heat, glory opened Huawei, Apple self-depreciation price User: Not unexpected
Issue Time:2018-11-12
It is said that this year's double 11 is the strongest year, with a breakthrough of 10 billion in 125 seconds and 100 billion in 14:00. As of 18:35, the transaction volume of the whole line has reached 180 billion yuan, fully overtaking the 168 billion yuan in 2017.

Among the dual 11 mobile phone manufacturers, the two most prosperous are the glory and Huawei. As the lightweight brand glory series of Huawei, in this double 11 not only harvested the earliest billion yuan brand, but also exceeded the Huawei series in sales and sales, and dominated the mobile phone sales list.

In addition, due to the timely adjustment of the Apple brand in the market strategy, participated in the double 11 in a lower posture, reduced the double 11 price of a variety of products, with a more grounded attitude, won the sales list in one fell swoop number one.

Glory turnover first broke 100 million, achieving multi-disciplinary champion

In the early morning of 11.11, the Double 11 opened less than 3 minutes, the Tmall Glory flagship store broke through 100 million points in 134 seconds, surpassing Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and other brands to become the first brand to break through 100 million.

Compared with the 114 seconds of the double 11 last year, the sales of this glory increased by 20 seconds. Moreover, in the subsequent commodity competition, glory broke through 200 million at 17 minutes and 16 seconds respectively, breaking through 300 million at 55 minutes and 12 seconds, breaking through 400 million at 14:00, and breaking through at 2:56. 500 million.

In addition, by the time of 18 o'clock, Glory still steadily occupied the 1st and accumulated 1st of the brand's sales list and single product sales list on the Jingdong mobile phone list.

Glory single product C debut, to create the strongest single artifact

On the single product sales list, the glory series dominated the top 10 in the top 10 with overwhelming advantage.

As the most cost-effective glory brand, it has always been one of the mobile phone products selected by consumers. In the Jingdong mobile phone rankings, from the 1st to the 3rd, 7th to 10th, are the star products of the Glory series.

In addition, the glory brand also released a small video of the "De-single artifact" glory 9i on the official Weibo, and through the interview of the topic of "dismissal", combined with the sales of the first glory 9i, debuted for the C of the glory item. The list of the hegemony has created another wave.

Apple's mobile phone price moved down, re-creating sales first

For the iphone series, which has a high price, the more intimate attitude has won him a lot of praise.

It is reported that based on Tmall's pre-sale activities, Apple appropriately lowered the pricing of the Iphone X series products. In the same period of the double 11, iphone X reduced by 1,200 yuan, iphone XR reduced by 350 yuan, iphone XS Max's 512G version compared to the price reduced by 1,500 yuan.

This has undoubtedly aroused people's desire to buy. In the face of Apple's "price reduction promotion" strategy, more consumers are targeting the iphone X series. This also inevitably promoted the growth of Apple brand sales. As of 19:30, Apple has been leading the glory brand in sales, and is firmly in the first position.

The double 11 highlights, whether it is the glory of the glory brand, or the frequent efforts of the Apple brand, have added a lot of attention to this double 11. In the last few hours of this double 11, will there be any turning point that will surprise us?

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