The Mate20 series is out of stock again? At home and abroad, rave reviews, users: Huawei is excellent!
Issue Time:2018-11-10
Recently, the 12th China Aerospace Exhibition was officially launched in Zhuhai. At the technology event, in addition to the aviation-themed manufacturing company, Huawei also teamed up with its Mate20 Pro.

As the top smart product in China, Huawei not only gave the Mate20 series a strong unicorn 980 core power, but also has a unique GPU Turbo graphics processor capability, as well as award-winning photographic black technology. Huawei's staging represents the rise of domestic brands and the rise of domestic manufacturing.

And close to the double 11 period, different from the traditional hunger marketing, Mate20 series can be described as a real "sell out of stock." In addition to its own performance advantages, Huawei relied on its extended star effect and domestic goods sentiment, coupled with foreign media have praised, Mate20 series products in one fell swoop to a commanding height of sales.

Combine star traffic to create star products

The product is easy to combine star traffic and has always been an advantage of Huawei.

In the nova series that previously positioned the youth group, Huawei chose Yi Qian Qian Qian as the spokesperson of the product, and launched a unique "玺" prefix Acacia red limited.

In this Mate20 series, the first sale was welcomed by the sports circle. Olympic champion Zhang Hong appeared on the microblog, posted a photo of himself and Mate20, and marked "That Amazing!"

In this regard, netizens have commented below, "We should let Huawei ask you to speak!"

It can be said that these all increase the exposure of Mate20 invisibly.

Differentiate domestic and foreign markets and adhere to the feelings of domestic products

In fact, the corporate culture of Huawei's corporate culture is the biggest selling point of the company.

At the domestic launch of Huawei's Mate20 series, Yu Chengdong mentioned that Huawei's first priority is not the first sales, but the first degree of consumer satisfaction.

As a well-received domestic company, Huawei has always placed a bigger market abroad. Between 2000 and 2015, Huawei’s total operating revenue exceeded 2.3 trillion, and 70% of these revenues came from overseas. "Only earning foreigners' money" is reflected in Huawei's body.

In the Mate20 series at home and abroad, the announcement was made by the Chinese people. Compared with foreign pricing, Huawei's domestic products are priced lower. This is a huge enough for Huawei's Mate20 series. Popularity.

Foreign media hot reviews, become an international brand

The consistent hot reviews in overseas markets have also brought constant traffic to the Mate20 series.

Global News said that on Huawei Mate 20 Pro, we can not only see the mobile phone experience that is not Apple and Samsung, but also see more black technology.

AndroidPIT said that Huawei Mate 20 Pro is one of the best Android smartphones on the market.

The Verge said that Mate 20 Pro has successfully defeated GalaxyNote 9.

The madness of these commentaries has brought more overseas markets to Huawei and made the products truly an international brand. With the launch of the Mate20 series, we also have the strength to compete against star products such as Apple and Samsung. We have defeated many foreign companies, but more importantly, we have gained the confidence of the people.

The Huawei Mate20 series is a true leap in the domestic smartphone, and it is confirmed by us both at home and abroad. It can even be said that the Mate20 series itself is a popular IP without the need for hotspots. During the Double 11 period, the excellent Huawei Mate20 series is working hard, and November 11th will bring us a bigger sales surprise!

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