Apple Qualcomm breaks what it means for consumers
Issue Time:2018-11-06
Recently, the news of the official break of Apple and Qualcomm has gradually fermented. Even foreign media claimed that Qualcomm has formally sued Apple for paying up to $7 billion in patent fees, but Apple said that Qualcomm is a patent-repeated fee and refuses to pay.

Apple and Qualcomm’s patent disputes have been in existence for a long time, and this time we are not going to explore these old things. Regarding the story of Qualcomm and Apple, what we care most about actually affects consumers.

After breaking with Qualcomm, Apple began using the Intel XMM7360 baseband from the iPhone7. Although the Intel baseband can meet the needs of most consumers, according to professional testing, the iPhone 7 platform and the general use scenario, the Qualcomm baseband version of the iPhone 7 is 30% better than the Intel baseband version.

What's more exaggerated is that the Qualcomm baseband version is 75% better than the Intel baseband version when the signal is weak. The iPhone 7 Plus signal performance seems to be the worst model in the early iPhone 7 release.

On Apple's latest launch of the iPhone XS, Apple chose to fully use the Intel baseband, which has the consequence that a large number of consumers complained about the iPhone XS signal. There are even users who compare the signal problems of the iPhone XS with the "catch of death" of the iPhone 4 period.

In addition to the signal problem, consumers still need to consider whether to continue to use Apple devices, whether they will let themselves fall behind the 5G era.

It is well known that at the current stage of 5G network technology research and development, only Qualcomm and Huawei have come up with more mature solutions. Although Intel is also exploring 5G technology, it is far from the speed of Qualcomm in terms of progress.

Some mobile phone manufacturers announced some time ago that they will launch smart phones supporting 5G networks in 2019. Most of these vendors use Qualcomm's 5G solution, but this time Apple and Qualcomm broke, it is basically impossible for consumers to use the iPhone that supports 5G network in 2019.

After Apple and Intel cooperated, although the cost of patents that should have been paid to Qualcomm was saved, the price of the new iPhone did not fall. For consumers, Apple and Qualcomm broke, and the use of Intel's baseband, in addition to bringing a series of unstable factors to the equipment, but also have to accept higher and higher product prices.

Breaking with Qualcomm is more like a consumer downgrade for consumers. Regardless of the product experience or price/performance ratio, the breakup with Qualcomm is more like Apple's choice to improve product profitability.

Signal problems, 5G network schedules and higher and higher prices all make the next generation iPhone less clear. From November 1st, Apple's US stock market value began to fall. As of November 5, the decline has exceeded 6%. In just five days, Apple's market value has evaporated by nearly 70 billion US dollars, and even the intraday market value has fallen below 1 trillion US dollars.

Although the break with Qualcomm is not the main reason for Apple's stock price decline in this round, the stock market is releasing a signal to Apple: Consumers do not agree with a series of measures taken by Apple to increase profit margins.

Article source: Niu Technology

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