Samsung folding screen mobile phone has begun mass production The first shipments are only 100,000 units
Issue Time:2018-11-05
Sina Technology News Beijing time on the afternoon of November 5th news, according to recent reports and rumors, Samsung will share the preliminary details of its foldable mobile phone at the developer conference held this month. As we all know, Samsung has been developing this product for many years.

However, according to the Korean media "The Bell" report, Samsung has finalized the final design of the foldable mobile phone, that is, the dual-screen setting, even when the device is folded, the user can still use it normally. It is said that this decision can be traced back to July this year, when Samsung still weighed the advantages and disadvantages of using dual-screen design.

A lot of rumors say that Samsung's first foldable phone will be named Galaxy F, but the product name is not mentioned in the "Bell" report. The name Galaxy F was again seen in the newspapers earlier this week. The report shows that the new product is likely to be a flagship device and will use the name Galaxy F. The report failed to confirm whether the "F" refers to whether it is foldable ("foldable"), but at least the correlation is strong.

The foldable main OLED screen will be located inside the phone and will be approximately 7.29 inches in size, similar to the tablet. But there is a 4.6-inch sub-OLED screen on the outside of the phone that allows users to use it like a regular phone.

According to reports, the so-called Galaxy F's body is very thick. As the screen increases, the power consumption of the device will also increase, and the price will be much higher than the price of other Samsung devices.

Although there is only one device that can fold the screen or the user may need to open the device each time it is used. But the screen can always be protected, and the equipment is lighter and thinner, and the production cost is not as high. Since the screen is not exposed on the outside of the phone in the state of the cover, the risk of the screen being shattered is greatly reduced. But Samsung still chose to adopt a more complicated design, which is to add a second screen outside the phone.

The "Bell" report also pointed out that KH Vatec will mass produce the hinge of the phone. This specially designed hinge allows the two screens to be almost invisible when unfolded. And the small gap that is almost seen can prevent the fall from being damaged. The hinge also includes an internal gear setting that allows the user to fold the screen into different angles.

Samsung will start mass production of the phone this month, with an initial production forecast of 100,000 units per month. It is reported that Samsung ultimately plans to produce between 500,000 and 1 million units a year. As for the time when the Galaxy F made its debut, it is not certain. (Mur)

Article source: Sina Technology

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