Take you to the most powerful new iPad Pro on the surface, do you have the features you want?
Issue Time:2018-11-02
The iPad is a series of tablets that Apple began to release in 2010, positioned between Apple's smartphone iPhone and notebook products.

Since Steve Jobs took the first generation of iPad to stunning the world, we began to have the concept of a tablet, and from that moment on, the face of the iPad has never really changed. Now, the new iPad Pro has been upgraded inside and out, and the iPad is no longer the "iPad" of the year.

This article is an article about the new iPad Pro. Let's take a look at this most powerful and beautiful iPad in history. It's not a test. Don't like it!


The new iPad Pro has been significantly improved in appearance, with large, bulky borders on both sides no longer exist, replaced by thinner borders. The home button has been canceled, and the design of the screen fillet has increased the screen ratio of the screen.

The new iPad Pro is divided into two sizes, one is 11 inches and the other is 12.9 inches with screen resolutions of 2732 x 2048 (11 inches) and 2388 x 1668 (12.9 inches). The body is only 5.9 mm thick, and the 11-inch version weighs 468 grams compared to the older 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

The top is the sensor, the front-facing 700-pixel front camera, and the new Face ID face recognition. Surrounded stereo speakers, no 3.5mm headphone jack, bottom USB Type-c connector.

The rear 12 megapixel camera, but the rear camera of the new iPad Pro does not support optical image stabilization. In terms of functionality, the new iPad Pro incorporates intelligent HDR, 4K 30 frame/60 frame video recording.

The design is the biggest highlight of this iPad, and the comprehensive screen design makes it the most beautiful iPad ever.


The screen of the new iPad Pro is still beautiful and suffocating. It is equipped with a Liquid Retina display that supports P3 wide color gamut display, original color display, and ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology. The ProMotion adaptive refresh rate technology is not the first time I saw it. It is very powerful. It can adjust the refresh rate of the screen according to the user's different scene usage patterns, so that the screen display is optimal, up to 120Hz.

The new iPad Pro has a pixel density of 264 ppi. Like the previous generation, users who have used the iPad Pro know that this screen is really beautiful. If you take a look at a small movie, it is really a pleasure to enjoy, you can add something, of course, if it is me.


In terms of performance, the new iPad Pro can be used as a laptop. Adopted Apple's new A12X Bionic processor. This is an upgrade of the new hardware in the iPhone XS, designed to provide the ability to work on the move.

According to the official statement, the A12X's single-core performance has increased by 35%, and multi-core performance has increased by more than 90%. Recently, the running points have also come out. The running points of the A12X have appeared in GeekBench, with a single core of 5020 and a multicore of 18217. The new iPad Pro's running scores are quite scary, and the iPhone XS is also left behind.

What is the concept of 18,000 points? To know that Qualcomm Xiaolong's multi-core running points are mostly around 9000 points, the multi-core score of A12X bionic chips has reached the strength of two 845 heads-ups, mobile phones and tablet platforms, no rivals.

However, I want to make it clear that many people regard the iPad Pro as a tablet for entertainment, which is actually wrong. iPad Pro has always been the main work efficiency, from the "Pro" can be seen, from the powerful performance can also be seen, really entertaining, perhaps iPad 2018 will be more suitable for you.

New Apple Pencil

In line with the new iPad, Apple introduced a new Apple Pencil. It turns into wireless charging, a built-in magnet attached to the side of the iPad Pro, and a new feature that makes it easy to click to change the tools in the app.

The new Apple Pencil features a new one-piece design with new grooves on both sides to replace the rounded design for improved grip. The new Apple Pencil uses magnetics to pair and charge with the new iPad Pro. When the new Apple Pencil is attached to the iPad Pro, it is automatically paired and charged.

In terms of functionality, the new Apple Pencil brings a “wake-up” feature that taps the screen of the new iPad Pro to wake up the device and open the app. Although the size remains roughly the same, Apple chose a softer matte effect, so you can now customize your personal signature on Apple Pencil.

USB Type-c interface

USB-C replaces Lightning on the new iPad Pro, which supports USB accessories and outputs video to the display, but most interestingly, the new iPad Pro can use its USB-C port via USB-C-to-Lightning cable pair Reverse charging on other USB-C devices or iPhone. This may also mean that purchasing a USB-C charging cable and adapter for Pro will be easier and more affordable.

Apple has indicated that the USB-C port does not support external storage, but application developers can design specific USB-C accessories. This means that SD card readers can be supported via USB-C, but thanks to closed iOS, they are only used to transfer photos and videos to the iPad.

However, it should be noted that because there is no Lightning interface, the Lightning EarPods headset, the existing Apple Pencil first generation can not be used, and can no longer be inserted inside.

to sum up

The new iPad Pro is the most beautiful and powerful iPad, the strongest mobile system device on the surface, and no longer has a better tablet. Of course, this is a personal idea, and Surface is not bad. It is not difficult to see that Apple really wants to make the iPad Pro a mobile production tool.

If you need to bring it to work, you may be able to use it, but I personally do not recommend it as an entertainment tablet. Furthermore, it is not the best choice for office now. It is just a prototype. In the end, according to personal needs, it will bring its hands-on experience, and I can’t wait to see a small movie.

Article source: Chicken Love Technology

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