Yu Chengdong Lei Jun tearing: Huawei's first 5G folding screen, sales 8 seconds broken
Issue Time:2018-11-02
Both Xiaomi and Huawei have always been deadly rivals. This year, both of them released their own representative flagship new products, such as Xiaomi's mix3 series and Huawei's mate20 series.

Both brands have launched representative products one after another. Xiaomi first launched Xiaomi mix3 with a magnetic screen with full screen on the 25th. Huawei released the Huawei mate20 series the next day.

These two conferences have the same characteristics. First, the apples are first stepped on as "foot pads", and the second is to tear each other.

Huawei CEO explained at the press conference that mate20Pro did not participate in DoX. It is worried that mate20Pro will grab the limelight of friends, indicating that the camera performance of mix3 is still under mate20Pro.

In addition, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong also hinted at the friendship business or the existence of hiring a water army to raise awareness. He claimed that Huawei definitely does not have a water army and insists on providing users with the most realistic evaluation.

In addition, at the meeting, Yu Chengdong placed high hopes on the sales volume in 2018, and believed that it is very likely to break through 200 million. Xiaomi said that the sales of Xiaomi 2018 will also reach 100 million, which will accelerate the sales target for the whole year. In the interview, Yu Chengdong specifically mentioned Huawei's first 5G network mobile phone with advanced flexible folding screen, and considered that its own strength is far above the opponent (Xiaomi mix3).

In fact, Xiao Bian feels that if the hardware conditions of Xiaomi mix3 and Huawei mate20's camera performance competition, then may only win in the price, and Xiaomi mix3's business flagship positioning is also very dangerous, after all, Huawei has achieved on the commercial flagship machine. Very big achievement, this positioning has no advantage.

Recently, Huawei’s official website even had an amazing sales record of 8 seconds and 100 million yuan. If Xiaomi mix3 wants to compete with Huawei, it will still have to work harder~

Article source: Technology violence coffee

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