iPad Pro shocked release! iPad sales are falling, why is Apple still upgrading?
Issue Time:2018-11-01
On the evening of October 30, Apple held a press conference to release the new MacBook Air, iPad Pro and Mac mini. The iPad Pro has a new "widescreen" design with a narrow border, "HOME Indicator" gesture interaction, Face ID, A12X Bionic biochip. It can be said that it has been greatly upgraded, and it has become the most popular new product in this conference.

However, in the case that the sales of Apple iPad has been declining, the entire tablet market is shrinking today, why is Apple still updating this product?

The answer lies in: "Mosquito meat is also meat."

Compared with the iPhone, the iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook can only be regarded as second-line products, but every hardware of Apple has a huge profit, so even if you sell one, you can make a profit.

And the tablet market itself is still very impressive, Digitimes report shows that tablet shipments are expected to decline in 2018 and 2019, but there will still be 141 million next year, even if it will be more than 120 million shipments per year by 2023. . There are not many hardware categories that can sell hundreds of millions of units a year, and the hot-selling smart speakers have shipped more than 50 million units this year. So the tablet market itself is still very worth doing.

Because of this, Huawei and Xiaomi are also updating the tablet product line. If the iPad is not updated, it will not be competitive.

Taking a step back, the iPad update can also be considered as a continuation of Apple's core product iPhone update. The iPhone X has a full screen design and FaceID, and the Xs series update has the latest A12 Bonic processor, which has been ported to the iPad. The latest iPad Pro is considered to be an enlarged version of the iPhone, arguably a reuse of design and chips.

However, the new iPad Pro is not easy to sell.

Apple's second-quarter earnings report shows that the iPhone is still the main source of Apple's revenue, Mac and iPad do not account for a high proportion, only 10% and 7%. The new iPad Pro is hard to change this situation.

With the increase in various costs, iPhone pricing is getting higher and higher, and the Xs series has become a veritable luxury-grade electronic product, and Xr is not cheap. The iPad and Mac are also more expensive. The 11-inch iPad Pro bare metal price is 799 US dollars (about 5563.4 yuan), while the 12.9-inch version is priced at 999 US dollars (about 6956.4 yuan), which indicates that the price increase of Apple products will be trend.

Of course, users who like Apple generally do not switch to the Android camp because of price issues, because Apple has many choices, as well as services such as installment payment and trade-in, to solve the price increase problem. However, it is much more difficult for other users to switch to iPad.

iPad is more to cater to the needs of old users, upgrade is a defensive strategy, and the iPhone is getting bigger and bigger, the latest iPhone Xs Max has 6.5 inches, iPad will have greater sales pressure, users do not change iPad The iPhone is so frequent that it will change in about two years. So the iPad Pro may not change the trend of iPad sales decline.

Article source: Luo Chao channel

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