2019 is the first to achieve commercial AI to help vivo lead the 5G smart phone era
Issue Time:2018-10-27
With the standards organization 3GPP frozen non-independent networking (NSA) and independent networking (SA) standards in December last year and June this year, 5G commercial has officially entered the countdown. As we all know, as an important node of communication technology update, 5G will comprehensively improve the speed, stability, reliability and low latency of the network, and all walks of life are also looking forward to the changes that 5G can bring. Among them, communication enterprises, Hardware manufacturers, Internet companies, etc. have all launched the 5G field, which is the "future" layout.

However, for the vast majority of people, the biggest beneficiaries of the 5G era are non-communication operators and mobile phone manufacturers. In fact, due to the size of the mobile phone itself and the user's stickiness, 5G mobile phones can better play the role of mobile Internet portal, and it is expected to become the control center of users' network life.

For 5G and a series of emerging technologies that may affect the next evolution of mobile phones, the mobile phone industry leader vivo has been researched in advance, and continues to strengthen the investment in 5G. Recently, the president of the vivo research institute of vivo artificial intelligence has further clarified the 5G strategic deployment of vivo at the Qualcomm 5G summit. "On August 30, 2018, we realized the interoperability of 5G prototypes and comprehensive measuring instruments based on commercial machines. In 2019, vivo plans to complete the development and mass production of the world's first NSA and SA 5G mobile phones, launch the first 5G pre-commercial mobile phone, and will truly realize the commercialization of 5G smart phones by 2020."

Vivo believes that the deep integration of 5G and artificial intelligence will become the trend of 5G mobile phone era, and vivo defines it as: 5G smart phone. "Artificial intelligence gives mobile phone learning and thinking skills, 5G gives mobile phones more powerful communication capabilities, and the combination of the two will make mobile phones evolve from 'Smart Phone' to 'Intelligent Phone', bringing users More powerful features and a more intimate experience," said the surrounding.

5G will change society

Some people have used common methods to explain the changes from 2G to 4G: If 2G means only txt text, 3G is gif, 4G enters video age, then 5G? In fact, for users, 5G is the most intuitive The feeling is extremely fast network speed and extremely low latency and greater communication capacity. In layman's terms, it is possible to realize more possibilities while the network speed is getting faster. For example, 5G will realize the connection between people and people and the world anytime and anywhere, forming an organic whole of the Internet of Everything. The 5G network is within 1 square kilometer. It can connect to 1 million networks without delaying the card. If 4G changes life, then 5G will change society.

On the basis of the above three communication capabilities, 5G also has two features in support of mobile and user ubiquitous. Its connection and coverage are ubiquitous. Such features will be interactive, medical, transportation, Substances such as logistics have brought about disruptive changes.

In the 5G era, people will have a new way of interaction, holographic projection, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), etc. can be used to guide a large amount of data through the mobile phone. Taking holographic projection as an example, as seen in science fiction movies, holographic projections will cast a 3D holographic image, and consumers can perform stereoscopic and three-dimensional interactions anytime, anywhere through more direct ways such as eyes and touch. .

In the medical field, 5G can also improve medical conditions in areas where medical resources are relatively scarce. Take the smart mobile medical vehicle as an example, it can go deep into remote areas, and the medical equipment equipped in the car, such as B-Super Color, can accurately collect patient information, and return to the areas with more abundant medical resources in real time, and the access to medical level is more developed. Medical institution. On the receiving medical device, the doctor can not only accurately see the patient information, but also can treat the patient through remote touch.

In addition, drones are also one of the more mature 5G applications now considered. Because it can move in a relatively free space, it can also transmit information and materials in the process of moving, which is a good communication medium. Nowadays, drones are mostly used for personal entertainment, such as aerial photography, but in fact, drones will also have a lot to do in logistics, security and other industries. Taking logistics as an example, the drone can be as precise and flexible as the courier, and has a certain real interaction with the user, so that not only the goods can be delivered to the destination on time and accurately, but also the emergency can be handled with ease.

It can be imagined that in the future world, every object has sensors, using 5G to achieve data interaction, cars, bicycles, bracelets, glasses, clothes, shoes, belts, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, medical equipment, etc. Controllable, communication, positioning, and work together.

"With the advent of the 5G era, smartphones may act as remote controls and keys for a car, and can remotely control appliances such as refrigerators, computers, and lighting. Mobile phones that are transmitted over the Internet can realize its intelligent IoT." Chang Zhao Lei said earlier. Like him, many industry experts also believe that 5G mobile phones can better play the role of mobile Internet portal, and hope to become the control center of users' online life.

Preemptive layout of 5G technology

It is worth noting that although the killing of the 5G market has not yet begun, the technical competition between mobile phone manufacturers has begun.

As a leader in the mobile phone industry, vivo has researched the 5G and a series of emerging technologies that may affect the next evolution of mobile phones, and continues to strengthen its investment in 5G.

As early as 2016, vivo set up a 5G R&D center to participate in the research of 5G core technology standards. In 2017, vivo launched a pre-research on 5G antenna and RF key technologies. In December of the same year, vivo has accumulated more than 1,500 research papers submitted to 3GPP. In August 2018, vivo 5G First call was successfully tuned, and the software and hardware development of 5G smart phones for commercial use was initially completed. In October of the same year, vivo launched the research and development of 5G terminal test prototypes. , plans to participate in the operator scale test.

Not only that, according to the surrounding, vivo plans to launch 5G pre-commercial terminals in 2019 and 5G smart phone commercials in 2020.

In fact, as one of the pioneers of 5G terminals, vivo fully utilizes its platform value, standardizing on terminal-related features, terminal-oriented self-interference, terminal power saving, 5G multi-antenna, low latency and high reliability, high-level protocol design, and physical layer protocol. Make important contributions to the technical characteristics of design and drive the real arrival of the 5G era.

5G+AI will become the trend of 5G mobile phone era

As the world's leading smartphone company, vivo's advantage lies in being closer to consumers, knowing the problems and needs of consumers using mobile communication, and on this basis, providing consumers with intimate experience and services. For the upcoming 5G era, vivo believes that consumers will be the core of the mobile phone industry ecology, and is the definition of 5G smart phones.

The change in consumer demand is undoubtedly the driving force behind the evolution of mobile phone functions and forms. Through investigation and research, vivo noticed that for 5G mobile phones, consumers expect them to have the ability to think and provide intimate and intelligent services. Based on this, vivo believes that only the ultimate wisdom of mobile phones can satisfy consumers' demand for mobile phones. The change.

In line with this, the ecology of the mobile phone industry will also evolve from a smart ecology to a smart ecology to support the appeal of smart phone evolution. "The ecology of the mobile phone industry will evolve from a smart ecology to a smart ecology to support the mobile phone's intelligent evolution. In the future, the development of 5G and AI will lead to many new scenarios and applications."

In addition to the existing basic functions of communication, multimedia, and Internet applications, the vivo 5G smart phone will become three centers: the smart perception center, the smart control center and the smart service center.

Specifically, smart perception means that the advancement of sensor technology and the ubiquitous perception capability obtained by connecting the Internet of Things will make the mobile phone become the center of perception of wisdom; better perceive the surrounding environment and application scenarios for mobile phones. The artificial intelligence brain provides more input information; while the smart control combines the ultra-high computing processing power of the mobile phone itself and the powerful connection capability of 5G communication, the 5G mobile phone is expected to become more smart home, equipment, and vehicle module. The control center; after having the above-mentioned intelligent sensing input capability and intelligent control output capability, the 5G mobile phone can provide consumers with more intelligent services through the analysis and processing of the artificial intelligence brain.

While actively deploying 5G technology, vivo has also opened the study of artificial intelligence. In June 2017, vivo established the AI ​​R&D Center to launch artificial intelligence research, and in March this year released the artificial intelligence sub-brand Jovi. Today, Jovi Artificial Intelligence Assistant is well known and widely used on models such as vivo NEX and vivo X23. In addition, vivo also led the establishment of a new loT open ecological alliance to prepare for the construction of the loT eco-chain based on mobile smart terminals.

According to vivo, the vivo mobile phone in the 5G era will become a self-learning, self-indexing, self-recommended smart terminal, providing consumers with smarter services through four engines of time, space, behavior and events. In the 5G era, vivo will continue to invest as always, and continue to create innovative, high-quality smart phones that meet consumer needs, helping 5G's business success and AI development.

Article source: Daily Economic News

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