Apple Samsung was fined $11.4 million and $5.7 million for the speed drop door
Issue Time:2018-10-25

Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 24 news, the Italian anti-monopoly department announced today that it will be 5 million euros (1.5.09, -7.64, -3.43%) company (hereinafter referred to as "Apple") and Samsung Electronics A fine of $5.7 million).

These two fines are related to the "mobile phone speed-down door incident". Previously, the two major mobile phone manufacturers were complained about by users using software updates to reduce the speed of their mobile phones.

In addition, Apple has been fined an additional 5 million euros by the Italian antitrust authorities for providing clear information on how to keep the phone's power or replace the phone's battery. This means that Apple was fined a total of 10 million euros (about 11.4 million US dollars).

According to the Italian consumer rights group, users have updated the software of Apple and Samsung phones and found that the performance of mobile phones is significantly reduced. This is a deliberate move by the two major mobile phone manufacturers to promote customers to buy new mobile phones.

In response, the Italian antitrust agency said in a statement that after investigations, some firmware upgrades of Apple and Samsung caused serious dysfunction, significantly reducing performance, which will accelerate the user's upgrade process.

The statement also said that Apple and Samsung did not provide users with enough information to explain the impact of the new software and how to restore the original functionality of the product.

Apple has admitted last year that for those batteries with aging batteries, the iPhone software has the effect of reducing the performance of the phone, but denied the intention to shorten the life of the iPhone. To this end, Apple also apologized to users and cut the cost of battery replacement. In addition, Apple said it will adjust its software to show users whether the phone battery is working properly.

In contrast, Samsung's software upgrades have not been questioned before. (Li Ming)

Article source: Sina

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