ZTE released the Axon9 Pro industry version of the plane
Issue Time:2018-10-15
On October 12, ZTE (hereinafter referred to as ZTE) held a media tasting in Beijing, officially announcing the annual listing of the flagship Zhongxing Tianxing Axon9 Pro, featuring video and audio experience and AI smart snapshot. At the same time, as the leader in the field of mobile security, ZTE Mobile also launched the ZTE Axon9 Pro (industry version) for the government market. On the basis of the public version, the industry version has added a comprehensive upgraded mobile security solution.

Industry Edition balances performance and security, and is qualified for mobile security office

In terms of hardware, ZTE Tianxun Axon9 Pro (industry version) uses an independent security chip certified by the National Cryptographic Authority. It uses a comprehensive national hard algorithm and soft algorithm to truly implement the underlying hardware encryption. On the system, ZTE Axon9 Pro (industry version) uses a safety isolation dual system to completely isolate the office system from the daily life system.

ZTE Tianxun Axon9 Pro is equipped with the latest ZTE Mifavor UI 6.0, which creates an AI performance optimization system. By learning the user's behavior habits, it analyzes the applications running in the background, automatically terminates unnecessary processes, and allocates background resources reasonably. At the same time, the Axon9 Pro will also clean up the junk files and debris for the user, effectively avoiding system stalls and making the operation smoother.

The introduction of the computer mode makes ZTE's Axon9 Pro instantly transform into a PC, making office processing easier and more efficient. In addition, the 4000mAh high-capacity battery and wired and wireless dual-fast charge function enable longer endurance. 29 languages ​​of text and real-time voice translation, IP68 level dustproof and waterproof configuration, set face recognition, wireless fast charge and many other leading technologies, not only meet the needs of mobile security office, but also suitable for a variety of outdoor office Scenes.

Audio and video visual effects, AI wisdom, add work and life fun

At the same time as the mobile security office solution blessing, ZTE Sky Axon9 Pro (industry version) also brings the same audio and video experience and AI smart snapshot function as the normal version.

The Axon9 Pro innovatively adopts the "Axon Vision software and hardware integrated visual effects solution" to support the accurate restoration of video images by integrating independent video chips, visual effects optimization algorithms, intelligent ambient light detectors and unique hardware ID design. , picture enhancement and frame rate compensation, eliminating video jitter and smear, making video playback smooth and smooth, bringing users a revolutionary audio and video experience. In addition to the outstanding visual effects experience, the Axon9 Pro continues the well-received dual-speaker design, featuring a new generation of ultra-linear stereo dual speakers + dual SmartPa, with Hi-Fi and Dolby panoramic sound effects, by professionals Perform sound quality tuning, allowing users to enjoy a three-dimensional high-definition sound experience on their mobile phones.

In terms of taking pictures, ZTE Axon9 Pro is equipped with a 20MP front camera and a 12MP+20MP pixel rear dual camera combination. It uses OIS optical image stabilization and 2PD full-pixel speed focusing to support 130-degree wide-angle shooting. The advanced AI smart snap technology intelligently judges the moving characters in the shooting window, automatically triggers the focus according to the position of the target, and presses the shutter at the best time to capture, helping the user to easily control shooting in various scenes.

Integrate four capabilities, end-to-end security office solutions to help the industry

In addition to the mobile terminal, ZTE provides a complete set of mobile security office solutions for the government and enterprise market, and integrates the four security functions of “hardware + system + platform + communication” to provide an end-to-end mobile security office. The solution has obtained the unified “white list” testing and certification of the Ministry of Public Security, providing industry customers with more professional and stable information and communication security.

ZTE has combined more than 100 Chinese industry partners and more than 30 service segments. In these industries, ZTE terminals and partners work together to provide end-to-end mobile security office solutions based on ZTE's powerful system and end product technologies, as well as the industry's rich application capabilities.

At present, ZTE's customized solutions for the industry have been applied in scale in the core industry markets such as government affairs and justice, which has helped improve the communication security capabilities of government and enterprise departments. At the same time, with the product characteristics of safety, reliability, performance, and superior quality, ZTE's secure mobile phone series has gradually started to brand in the industry market. The ZTE Axon9 Pro (industry version) launched this time, on the basis of meeting the needs of mobile business, also undertakes the functions of some proprietary devices, which will definitely bring a significant improvement experience to the mobile office security and efficiency improvement of the industry. In the future, ZTE will continue to focus on the development of the industry market, optimize and integrate resources, and bring more innovative experiences to industry users.

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