Literary youth favorite: a big screen eye-protection smartphone worthy of Pick
Issue Time:2018-10-09
Literary youth, whether they are going to work or taking a break, will choose to read at a certain time of day. Now many people have no habit of studying, so they can choose time to read in one day. This habit is really good. . Speaking of reading, although paper books give people a better feeling, but in order to facilitate carrying, many people still choose to use mobile phones to read, today recommended several smart phones suitable for reading.

Huawei nova3i

Huawei nova3i equipped with a 6.3-inch full screen, with EMUI system eye protection mode and large font mode, allows readers to use the mobile phone to read books, do not have to worry about eye fatigue, visual impairment and other issues, to ensure eye safety.

The machine is equipped with Huawei's new generation of self-developed Kirin 710 chip, which is Huawei's first 12nm chip, equipped with a new upgraded ISP image processing engine, running 130,000+, with excellent performance and balance of battery life. This processor is also a breeze for multitasking.

Meizu 16th

Long-term use of mobile phones, but also care about your eyes. Open Meizu 16th "eye protection mode", effectively filter blue light, relieve eye fatigue, bring more comfortable eye protection effect, and enjoy a more enjoyable machine experience.

Meizu 16h mobile phone eye protection mode, in low light environment, the system will automatically reduce the display brightness of the screen, can reduce the screen blue light by 68%, display the natural color of the screen content with ultra-low power consumption, and protect eyesight. You can choose from sunrise to sunset (by positioning to determine your local sunrise and sunset time) or a custom time period.

Nut Pro2S

The eye protection mode of the nut PRO2S can also be called color temperature adjustment. When it is turned on, it can be found that the color of the screen turns yellow and it looks less dazzling. Turning on the eye protection mode makes the screen look less dazzling, which can alleviate eye fatigue and reduce blue light radiation.

The front of the nut PRO2S still uses 18:9 full screen design, retaining the "forehead" and "chin", the back is also a simple 2.5D glass back shell, the fingerprint sensor is hidden in the logo. Gorgeous screen + body design, let the nut Pro2s read in the hands, become a kind of enjoyment.

Lenovo Z5

The screen of Lenovo Z5 is not only delicate and clear, but also has high color saturation and contrast. The 32-bit color reproduction is rich and natural, and the details of bright and dark colors are very rich. It can be said that a Lenovo Z5 can let the music powder see the effect closer to the real world on the mobile phone.

Used in eye protection mode, Lenovo Z5 also automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature function, which can effectively prevent the fatigue and dryness caused by long-term viewing of the screen. Mom no longer has to worry about watching TV for a long time, playing games and feeling tired and dry!

Article source: TechWeb

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