HSEM has been deeply involved in the mobile phone market for eight years IP trademark "EIGOU" final listing
Issue Time:2018-09-28
On September 27, 2018, Shenzhen HSEM Technology Co., Ltd. successfully sold the intellectual property trademark “EIGOU” at the Hong Kong International Intellectual Property Exchange Center.

It is understood that Shenzhen HSEM Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a mobile communication enterprise integrating R&D, design, integration, production and sales. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. After nearly ten years of steady development, the company has initially completed the global layout, and the increasingly advanced production, research and research has brought better communication products to consumers around the world. Its “EIGOU” brand covers GSM smart phones, smart helmets, earphones, stereos and other personalized customized products, and will continue to expand in the smart home field and health field in the future.

The Knocking Ceremony was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. First, Ma Shuyun, the general manager of Shenzhen HSEM Technology Co., Ltd., gave a welcome speech and announced that the opening ceremony of the “EIGOU” trademark was officially started. In her speech, she said that the “EIGOU” trademarks listed on the Hong Kong International Intellectual Property Exchange will be used as the company's intangible assets to start trading in the capital market; the company will continue to be in the field of mobile communications, smart home and health. The expansion will give back to investors with high productivity and high benefit.

Ms. Jin Wei, the special representative of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong International Intellectual Property Exchange Center, made an important speech. She gave a brief explanation on the K-line diagram displayed on the big screen, and explained the significance of the listing of the original shares of the “EIGOU” trademark, and clarified the rules for the holding of trademarks after the opening and the subscription points after the opening. She said that the successful listing of the “EIGOU” trademark fully reflects the enthusiasm of the leadership team of Shenzhen HSEM Technology Co., Ltd. to grasp the trend of the times. The share of intellectual property rights in trademarks has prompted enterprises to obtain the greatest economic benefits in the market competition and to make trademark assets. The original share holders benefit the most.

After a number of guests gave speeches, a wonderful lion dance performance was active.

And the most exciting moment, knocking on time.

Mr. Li Feng, Chairman of HSEM, delivered a thank-you speech and announced that the “EIGOU” trademark listing ceremony was a complete success. On behalf of the company, he first expressed his warm congratulations on the listing of the “EIGOU” trademark, and affirmed the trademark listing in promoting the expansion of the company, and praised the company for exploring new development models and leading the new economic trend.