Why do Chinese people increasingly do not want to change their mobile phones? Netizen: There are three reasons!
Issue Time:2018-09-29
Speaking of the current mobile phone market, I believe that many people have a feeling that the speed of mobile phone replacement is too fast. For the time being, regardless of the different mobile phone brands, we take Huawei as an example. Now, in order to better meet the needs of users, we have implemented a subdivision system to launch different mobile phones for different groups of people. Huawei's series has already been several, such as the P series for young people, the mate series for business people, the imaginary series for the low-end market, the maiden series for telecom cooperation, and the recently popular Nova series. There are also 5 series in this way, not counting its brother brand Honor. Every year, a mobile phone is launched with 5 mobile phones. Coupled with other mobile phone brands, the new mobile phone launched every year is really dazzling. In the past few years, everyone's enthusiasm for consumption was very high. It was good to see the likes. After a few years of precipitation, everyone returned to rational consumption again. If the mobile phone is not bad, it will not be replaced with a new one unless it is not used. In the second half of this year, major mobile phone manufacturers are not good. Why don't you want to change your new phone overnight?

1, the phone homogenization is serious

This issue, Xiao Bian believes that as long as the friends who are concerned about the mobile phone market should have found it. The current development of the mobile phone market has reached the bottleneck period. The market that can be developed has basically been developed. There are not many places that can be broken on the mobile phone, and in the early development, there are still many shortcomings and loopholes to be repaired. In order to make the data of the mobile phone look better, crazy in the mobile phone, and in terms of appearance, this year's situation is even more terrible, all the same is the imitation of Apple's mobile phone Liu Haiping, for many friends who do not like Liu Haiping For us, it is simply a blue-skinned mushroom, and the public's aesthetic has already become fatigued. The homogenization of mobile phones has made consumers more and more reluctant to change their mobile phones.

2, full of expectations for domestic mobile phones

Today's mobile phones are pursuing a full-screen, which is the ultimate consumer pursuit of mobile phones. The major domestic mobile phone manufacturers are all surprisingly hoping to take the lead in making a truly comprehensive screen. But the real situation now is that there are a lot of mobile phones in the mobile phone market with full screen banner. These mobile phones are not really full screens, or they can't get rid of the bangs or they can't get rid of the chin. Compared to buying this kind of mobile phone with room for improvement, everyone is looking forward to 100% full-screen mobile phone.

3, really no money

The two reasons mentioned above are all put forward at the price you can afford the mobile phone, but more people are basically for this reason, that is poor, really no money, this reason is very painful, But it is very real. For the young people nowadays, especially the young people who have just stepped into the society, the economic pressure is very large, and many people have been overwhelmed. At a young age, I have already suffered from very real problems such as mortgages, car loans, and raising a baby. For mobile phones, the requirements are not high and can be used. And now the quality of mobile phones is not bad, it is no problem to use for a few years. Now that you can meet your daily needs, why spend money on new phones?

The new machine is released every year in the mobile phone market, but since the second half of this year, the total mobile phone sales in the mobile phone market has declined. Moreover, the mobile phone market has become saturated, mobile phones are updated too fast, and many mobile phones cannot be sold. In fact, this is also a very troublesome problem for mobile phone manufacturers. The quality is not good, no one buys it, the quality is too good, and it is not bad.

Article source: Small technology big bang

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