Still picking in the east? These explosions are at least 98% favorable rate
Issue Time:2018-09-12
The high praise rate represents the pros and cons of the product in the user's mind, so the savvy consumers will first look at their favorable rate and user evaluation when shopping online. Then, in the recent mobile phone market, what models of high praise rate are worthy of our attention? Here, we recommend several models for you. These models have a minimum praise rate of 98% in Jingdong, which can be said to be popular.

360 mobile phone N7 Lite

As a model that is mainly used in the thousand-yuan market and is known as the “thousand-yuan nuclear fighter” in the user group, the 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Lite is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 AIE artificial intelligence processor, 4GB/6GB large memory, 4050mAh. Large-capacity battery and support for the latest AI features, while the price is well known.

360 mobile phone N7 Lite continues the shape of N6 Pro, using 2.5D curved glass before and after, and has adjusted the curvature of the fuselage several times to ensure the feel, the appearance is tough and without losing the warmth, there are phantom black and silver brick gray two A variety of colors.

The 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Lite uses a 5.99-inch 18:9 full-screen with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels and an NTSC color gamut coverage of 83%. It also supports Blu-ray eye protection mode and night mode.

In terms of hardware, N7 Lite adopts the current very popular configuration, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AI processor, 4+ daily tasks smooth, and superior game performance. At the same time, thanks to the addition of Qualcomm AIE artificial intelligence engine, the chip has been given more powerful artificial intelligence processing capabilities, so that the 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Lite has advanced AI functions such as AI voice, AI camera and AI translation.

In memory, there are three memory versions of 4+32GB, 4+64GB and 6+128GB, which are priced at 1199 yuan, 1499 yuan and 1799 yuan respectively. In terms of battery life, the traditional battery capacity of 360 mobile phones has been preserved. It is equipped with a 4050mAh battery and supports 18W fast charging technology. The official claim is that it can charge 50% in half an hour and can be filled in about 100 minutes.

In terms of photography, the 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Lite adopts the current mainstream front-end 8 million, rear-mounted 13 million + 2 million three-shot design. The rear main camera is responsible for screen capture, and the sub camera is responsible for depth information. The two work together to make the photos taken properly and the subject prominent. At the same time, it supports AI algorithm, and further enhances the camera performance through AI intelligent deep learning algorithm, AI fuzzy intelligent filming technology and AI intelligent exposure technology.

Millet 8

As the flagship model of the Xiaomi digital series, Xiaomi uses a 6.21-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, which is more outstanding than the previous generation. Just a little wider bangs really deserve to be spit, but it is good to add infrared face recognition components to improve the speed and security of dark light recognition.

The Xiaomi 8 is equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor and is equipped with the world's first dual-frequency GPS, which makes positioning and navigation more precise, and supports NFC for public transportation in 167 cities. There are 6GB and 8GB storage versions available, including 6+64GB version 2599 yuan, 6+128GB version 2899 yuan, 6+256GB version 3299 yuan, 8+128GB version 3299 yuan.

In terms of photography, Xiaomi 8 adopts a front-mounted 20 million, rear dual 12-megapixel AI zoom lens design, in which the main camera COMS is Sony IMX363, 1.4um large pixels, supporting 206 kinds of AI scene recognition. On the battery life, a 3400mAn capacity battery is built in, which supports 18W fast charge.

360 mobile phone N7 Pro

The 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Pro was released on August 21st and is the flagship model of the 360 ​​mobile phone.

The 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Pro uses a 5.99-inch bangs-free full-screen, ultra-narrow bezel, 7.7mm body thickness, and 18:9 screen ratio to make the phone look wider. With a double-sided metal glass body, coral red and agate black, this new machine is more atmospheric, and the ultra-100% s RGB color gamut overlay makes the details and colors in the game and photos more realistic. !

Configuration, 360 mobile phone N7 Pro equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 710 processor, equipped with 6GB running memory and 64GB/128GB body storage, the price is 1999 yuan, 2299 yuan. At the same time, to ensure battery life, a 4000Ah capacity battery is built in. The official claims that daily use can last for two days, support 18W fast charge, 20 minutes to charge 30%, and about 100 minutes can be full.

In addition to its powerful performance and impressive appearance, the biggest highlight of the 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Pro is its photo and security.

It adopts the front and rear four-camera design which only exists in a few top models. The rear-mounted 12-megapixel main camera has a single pixel size of 1.25um and an aperture size of f/1.8, which is mainly responsible for image capture. The secondary camera is a 2 megapixel professional depth of field camera. Powerful hardware specifications are complemented by AI intelligent deep learning algorithm, AI fuzzy intelligent film technology, AI intelligent exposure technology and other functions, so that the 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Pro shooting performance you do not lose iPhone X.

The pre-self-timer uses 16 million + 2 million programs, supports AI beauty algorithm, and automatically provides the most suitable beauty effect according to the age and gender of the self-timer.

Mobile phone security has always been the strength of 360 mobile phones. The unique triple security mode of the 360 ​​mobile phone N7 Pro adds a powerful escort to the Snapdragon 710 processor. The security U shield and facial recognition application locks, the new guest system features soft and hard combination, let User data is more secure and the level of mobile security can be further raised to the financial level.

Meizu 16th

On August 8th, Meizu 16 was released in Beijing. It has a double-sided glass body design and a 6.0-inch 18:9 FHD+ full-screen screen on the front. It supports fingerprint recognition under the screen. It is available in two colors: static night black and distant mountain white.

Configuration, Meizu 16 equipped with Qualcomm 845 processor, 6GB, 8GB two kinds of storage, of which 6+64GB version of the price of 2698 yuan, 6+128GB version 2998 yuan, 6+256GB version 3299 yuan, the overall performance is strong. In terms of battery life, Meizu 16 is equipped with a 3010mAh capacity battery and supports 18W fast charge.

At the same time, in many photos taken by users, Meizu 16 adopts the current mainstream three-camera design. The front camera has a specification of 20 million pixels and a rear camera of 12 million + 20 million. It supports four-axis anti-shake.

The four models recommended above are both recent explosions and well-received models in Jingdong. Both in terms of performance and cost performance, there are satisfactory performances. Users who have recently purchased the machine may wish to consider .

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