Zhao Ming secretly Lei Jun: The current 5G mobile phone is still a pseudo concept
Issue Time:2018-09-10
Since August 30, the glory of Magic2 was unexpectedly exposed at the IFA exhibition in Germany. Its Magic Slide magic screen and Kirin 980 have become the focus of attention of the technology media at home and abroad. However, not only the media responded enthusiastically, but also friends such as Xiaomi and Lenovo immediately jumped out of the heat, triggering another phenomenon of the smartphone industry after the “scarring technology” in June.

Although after this glory president Zhao Ming responded to the full screen in the circle of friends is just a small technology, Magic2 has more black technology, but still can not prevent the pace of friends and businessmen. Recently, Huawei's Yu Chengdong announced that the Qilin 980 equipped with the glory Magic2 won six firsts, including support for 5G. Then Xiaomi immediately announced that it will be equipped with 5G technology in 2019.

In the media interview after the 8X conference on the evening of September 6th, some media asked about whether glory Magic2 will support 5G. Zhao Ming’s answer is somewhat intriguing: “Huawei is doing 5G system testing, we are very clear. The rhythm of 5G network, nowadays, the vast majority of the 5G is actually docked in the lab. One-sided emphasis on being a mobile phone supporting 5G network is a pseudo-concept, just a marketing tool."

When other mobile phone manufacturers rushed to the 5G hotspots, Zhao Ming’s answer was inevitable.

5G mobile phone is just marketing speech

When the 4G dividend is exhausted, the upcoming 5G has naturally become the daring of mobile phone manufacturers, especially in the recent period, the marketing around 5G mobile phones can be described as raging.

On September 3, Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin showed a mobile phone test chart on Weibo, and the 5G word on the upper right corner of the screen was quite eye-catching. Prior to this, OPPO and vivo also announced their own progress in the development of 5G mobile phones. The competition of mobile phone manufacturers on the 5G track has been filled with gunpowder.

In fact, the glory mobile phone is not absent in the 5G layout. Kirin 980 has announced support for 5G at the time of its release, and has released a 5G baseband for mobile devices called Balong 5000. In the glory product system, the glory Magic 2 and later flagship models will be equipped with new Kirin 980 products. In addition, at the 7C conference held in March of this year, Zhao Ming has already said that glory will be the first wave of mobile phone manufacturers competing for 5G.

Zhao Ming’s questioning 5G mobile phone is still only a marketing tool, and it is not unrelated to two factors. One is that most manufacturers who announced 5G mobile phones only completed the 5G test in the lab, and there is no accurate time point for mass production; the other is that the commercial process from 4G to 5G is a very large project, currently connected to 5G base stations. There are still very few.

A technology that has not yet gone out of the laboratory has already begun to make a big fuss about propaganda. In all likelihood, it can be characterized as a marketing tool.

When can I use 5G?

Under the influence of marketing, some people will inevitably ask: When will 5G mobile phones become popular?

Generally speaking, from the concept warm-up to the product landing, the time interval in the middle will not be long. When the 5G mobile phone becomes a marketing rhetoric, the arrival of the 5G era may not be far away.

In terms of the rhythm of the domestic market, the 3G era has been frozen from the TD-SCDMA standard to the license for nearly 8 years; in the 4G era, the TD-LTE standard was frozen until the license was issued for 5 years; in June this year, the 5G R15 version of the standard has just frozen. Although the 5G independent specification has not yet been determined, the domestic 5G industry process has entered the sprint phase. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission have issued a clear statement in August to realize 5G commercialization by 2020.

As the most powerful enterprise in the field of communications, Huawei said that it will launch 5G mobile phones in the third quarter of 2019. As a pioneer of Huawei, glory mobile phones may also officially launch 5G new products at this time. According to the 9to5mac news, Apple is likely to officially release the iPhone with 5G baseband in 2020. The time point of 5G popularization has undoubtedly explained the "pseudo-concept" in Zhao Mingkou.

However, what is the difference between 5G and 4G? According to IMT-2020, the peak data transmission rate of 5G is expected to be as high as 20 Gbps, with a download speed of 20 Gbps and an upload speed of 10 Gbps. Due to congestion, base station distance and other factors, the current 4G network can only reach 10 Mbps, which is like the gap between cars and airplanes.

Only the focus of 5G is not only the speed of the network, but the focus is on new scenarios such as Internet of Things and driverless driving. At the beginning of July this year, Glory Mobile has announced the IoT Ecology and New Retail 3.0 strategy, and plans to integrate the retail storefront, the glory IoT eco-product, and the Glory O2O platform. Now it is the early layout of the 5G era. In addition, just won the first six Kirin 980 can also fully support the 5G function, but the glory did not take this big publicity, so to see, compared to the marketing momentum of the friends, the glory of the mobile phone in the 5G era layout To be practical, it is no wonder that glory president Zhao Ming will secretly discuss the 5G hotspots.

Article source: Phoenix Network

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