The road to change for Samsung Galaxy Note9: from mobile photography to social photography
Issue Time:2018-09-03
Since the birth of the world's first mobile phone with a camera in 2000, mobile photography has made a qualitative leap in just over a decade. The development of mobile photography brings not only technological innovation, but also social level innovation - it declares an era of image sounding, an era of universal photography, and an era when everyone is a "photographer".

Unconsciously, people have become accustomed to using their mobile phones to record their lives and share them with others. “Words like people” have become “pictures like people”, and “seeing words like seeing people” has become “seeing people like pictures”. The mobile phone has replaced the camera as the standard for our photos, and this sharing has decided to produce, use social networks to create and disseminate images of photography, perhaps more so called "social photography." Samsung Electronics has been aware of this development trend and has continuously introduced innovative technologies to meet the needs of users for taking photos and sharing. There is no doubt that the current Samsung Galaxy Note9 is the pinnacle of this innovative road.

More powerful hardware configuration, night shot to open invincible mode

It is often said that in today's overcapacity of mobile phones, parametric theory seems to be out of date. But is this really the case? Is the gap in the experience of the top-level processor and the mid-range processor really obscured by the wide variety of functions? The saying that "the bottom of the first level is crushing the dead" in the photography circle is also unreasonable. It can be denied, so the hardware parameters are the most intuitive data comparison, and the performance advantage is also the most intuitive.

The dual camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and the F1.5/F2.4 smart iris provide users with many intuitive camera experience enhancements. The intelligent iris diaphragm simulates the pupil contraction expansion principle, which can adjust the lens aperture according to different light environments, and it can improve the efficiency of capturing light by 28% compared with the previous generation products, and can clearly take pictures under any lighting conditions. At the same time, F1.5 aperture has also broken through a number of technical barriers, refreshing the new record of mobile phone large aperture; with high-quality HDR and Live Focus, it can provide better multi-frame noise reduction even at night or low light conditions. Bring clearer images, higher brightness, and less noise for your photos.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 also continues some of the camera highlights of the previous flagship model - the ultra-fast full dual-core sensor brings the condensing time shooting function, recording the daily beautiful moments at 960 fps, recording and playing time during the condensing time Both have doubled before. Moreover, unlike the slow-motion shooting functions and applications on the market, they usually require a complicated editing process. The Galaxy Note9's time-lapse shooting function is very convenient from capture to editing, so anyone can use this feature to make fun. Short videos and share them.

Smarter software upgrades, any scene can leave a beautiful moment

With strong hardware support, Samsung Electronics has also upgraded the software level of Galaxy Note9. In addition to intelligent recognition of 20 scenes, and based on this, correct saturation, white balance, brightness, contrast, etc. In addition, the real-time detection function can automatically monitor the blinking of the characters encountered during shooting, blurred images, There are stains or backlights on the lens that affect the quality of the photo, and the user is notified at the first time to make up the shot in time. Most importantly, both smart scene recognition and real-time detection do not require a connection to the network, so the Samsung Galaxy Note9 guarantees users a high-quality video production no matter where they are.

In addition, the built-in material library in the dynamic shooting function is more abundant than before, bringing users a constant stream of fun. Most notably, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 takes full advantage of the features of the S Pen and extends the real-time messaging capabilities through dynamic shoot integration. Messages and drawings can be added to the dynamic shoot sticker and shared through the messaging app to make the emoticon pack richer and more interesting. All of the above can make your film more expressive and interesting, and also leave a unique personality mark when sharing with others.

The “democracy” of photography and the “carnival” of sharing caused by social networks have enabled people to fully enter the image age. A survey conducted by Facebook shows that people like to post photos because they are very accurate and rich in expressing their current situation and mood. In various application stores, photography software is one of the largest software categories after games, so countless mobile phone manufacturers have taken the camera function as the biggest selling point. However, there are only a handful of products that really improve the performance of each camera based on user sharing needs. The Galaxy Note9, which combines many black technologies and user sharing needs, is one of the best, making photography easier and smarter. Sharing becomes more direct and fun!

On August 31, Samsung's new flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note9 officially opened its first sales in the Chinese market, satisfying many of the wishes of “grassed” users. Galaxy Note9 has launched three colors: Frost Blue, Black Mirror Copper and Danqing Black. The suggested retail price of 6GB+128GB version is 6999 yuan, and the suggested retail price of 8GB+512GB version is 8999 yuan. Consumers can authorize stores in the country. And Samsung online store, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning Tesco, Gome Online, etc. to buy.

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