The new iPhone will be released on September 12th. In addition to dual card dual standby, what else is worth looking forward to?
Issue Time:2018-08-28
On September 12th, the annual Apple feast is coming, and the release of the new iPhone is the most attractive to the public. Without the strict confidentiality of the Steve Jobs era, information about the new generation of iPhone has long been made public. Let's take a look at the updates with Xiaobian to see what updates are worth looking forward to?

Dual SIM

This is the feature configuration that Android phones have already adopted, but it is the first time for the upcoming iPhone. Apple knows that the embedding of this feature will reduce the overall mobile phone sales to a certain extent, but facing the challenge of the powerful Android camp, Apple has to compromise. It is really practical to say that this feature is very small, and Xiaobian can't wait.
In addition, Apple is still building a faster and better mobile phone.

A12 processor for faster experience

IOS12, better user experience

More colors for a more personalized choice

Don't know the main update mentioned above, are you excited? But before you feel your heart, do you have to look at your kidneys? Haha

One More Thing...

Although there is no surprise, Xiaobian as a senior fruit powder still has a slight expectation for Apple's innovation.

Article source: future home

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