Entering Meizu: Demystifying the Meizu 16th series of cameras behind the leaps and bounds
Issue Time:2018-08-25
In the early morning of August 20th, the long-awaited Meizu 16th sold for less than a while and announced the first sale. This kind of hot sale is unprecedented compared to other Meizu mobile phones in the past two or three years.

Taking advantage of the first sales point, our PConline walked into Meizu and interviewed Meizu video engineer Wang Wenzhao. On the way to the conference room, passing through the office of Huang Zhang, the staff said, "Huang Zongzheng is working hard for the Meizu 16th capacity to climb."

Meizu Imaging Engineer Wang Wenzhao (left), Chief Editor of PConline Mobile Channel Tang Qunxing (right)

Huang Zhang said that camera optimization should have its own characteristics, at any cost

Meizu's imaging department seems to be a very strange department, Meizu video engineer Wang Wenzhao said, "In the past, the camera team was affiliated to a three-level department under the Flyme team. But since the beginning of 2017, the company has set up a secondary department under the R&D center. The technical department, the camera hardware, hardware, algorithms, evaluation and other teams are integrated, the purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of Meizu mobile phone camera.

Huang Zhang also set a goal for the establishment of this team "must bring a good photo experience to users." Wang Wenzhao said that the popular point is to have their own characteristics, and at all costs.

“After the establishment of the imaging department, it has been absorbing talents constantly. The Meizu mobile phone photo has indeed made a big leap.” Wang Wenzhao said that they can see from their first thousand-yuan camera, the magic camera blue Note6. A little bit of achievement.

Meizu will stick to the outsole CMOS, night scene shooting to make a breakthrough

Speaking of Meizu's imaging style, Wang Wenzhao said that Meizu's imaging style has always been based on restoring reality. Recently, after Meizu 16th joined AI photography, it will see more auxiliary functions in the future, so that you can see more by pressing the shutter. Desirable imaging style, but the color tone church based on user feedback, will not suddenly exaggerate.

Starting from Charm Blue Note6, Meizu began to work on night shots and low light. Meizu will insist on using the outsole CMOS, large aperture and optical anti-shake to achieve a better night shot. Wang Wenzhao said that Meizu will insist on using CMOS larger than 1/2.3 inch, which is a hard guarantee for low light imaging.

Since it is said that the low light photo, it is inseparable from the comparison with Huawei and Samsung. At present, low-light shooting is achieved by multi-frame synthesis or large aperture and high ISO. Huawei's 4-6 second "super night scene", Wang Wenzhao said, in fact, its principle is very common, everyone can do it, and actually it is not Exposure for 6 seconds, but algorithm overlap, synthesis. As for the integration of this function into an option, it is easy for the user to take a photo of the night scene, Meizu will also consider doing it.

He also said that Meizu has always had blind comparisons in its own community. The products that are usually bidding include Apple, Samsung, and even Huawei and Xiaomi. Meizu also has many advantages in many imaging effects. From Meizu 15 you can see the Meizu under the blood, Meizu 15 and Huawei P20 are using the same CMOS, the hardware strength is quite.

Why is the customized camera on Meizu 16th so powerful?

Speaking of this Meizu 16th series, the entire system is equipped with the same high-standard main camera CMOS - IMX380, and the world's first optical anti-shake component on the IMX380, customized by TDK. In addition, the front camera and the rear sub-camera have reached 20 million pixels.

Wang Wenzhao said that the rear camera was inherited on the basis of Meizu 15, so the difficulty is relatively small. The real time and difficulty is the customized 20 megapixel front camera.

Because Meizu 16th insists on using the conventional AMOLED screen, in order to increase the screen ratio, the space above and below the mobile phone is very limited. To this end, Meizu spent a year to polish, and made the 18 version of the design. It took only three months to design a front-facing camera for more than half a year. In the end, through the irregular cutting, the camera head only achieved a width of 3.15mm. This vertical 90° cutting also caused great trouble for the assembly point of the lens. Of course, Meizu had overcome one by one.

The price/performance ratio must not be at the expense of performance.

It is said that in order to customize this special front camera on the 16th, Meizu also paid an additional 2 million to 3 million yuan for mold-opening costs to upstream manufacturers. Therefore, the cost of a single camera is about 30% higher than that of Meizu 15. In our opinion, this is the “big hand” that Meizu is used to, but behind it can be seen that Meizu is the cell phone's gene and persistence. Because of this special design, Meizu's camera has become the world's smallest 20 million pixel camera.

Wang Wenzhao said, "This camera can fully realize this small size with 5 million and 8 megapixel CMOS. If the cost is too high for the user, it will generally be understood." But he believes that this design of the downsizing, for word of mouth The impact has no positive help. And 20 million pixel front, can achieve 4 pixels combined with one pixel, better to improve the photographic performance, which is unmatched by low-pixel CMOS. "The real price/performance ratio must not be at the expense of performance," concluded Wang Wenzhao.

Adhere to the same screen and camera configuration, in fact, better cost reduction

There are many flagship machines with large and small screens on the market, and the specifications of the cameras are also inconsistent. In this regard, Wang Wenzhao said that on the surface, it can be seen that manufacturers are willing to pay the cost, in fact, the design costs more. Because of the two different products, it takes twice the price to design and open the mold. For example, if the AMOLED is replaced by an SLCD, the cost can be reduced, but after the thickness of the screen is increased, the whole body is launched.

Therefore, Meizu insists that the camera specifications of the entire screen are the same, which is more kind to the user.

On the Meizu 16th, we saw a hybrid zoom. In fact, through the sub-camera IMX350's 20 million pixels, the user is provided with 2x optical, 3x lossless zoom experience. When we click the zoom button, 2X is optical zoom, and when clicked into 3X, the algorithm can be optimized to achieve 3x lossless zoom.

It is difficult to copy the Leica + Huawei model in the industry.

"For Meizu, it is relatively early to talk about customizing the lens with the big factory." Wang Wenzhao explained that the most important thing for Meizu cameras is to optimize and adjust.

In the industry, the "Leica + Huawei" model, in fact, Meizu has also considered, in addition to the rhythm issues mentioned above, in fact, there is no more suitable manufacturers can cooperate.

He also revealed that the lens manufacturers of optical glass lenses and mobile phones are actually “interlaced like mountains.” At present, Da Li Optoelectronics, which is the camera for Apple in the mobile phone industry, is actually a supplier of Meizu, so it comes from the quality of the lens. Said that the lens of Meizu mobile phone is definitely the best in the industry.

Subtraction of Meizu 16th camera parameter setting

It can be seen from the experience that many of the feature settings on the Meizu 16th camera have been subtracted. In this regard, Wang Wenzhao said that they have done a lot of research, and finally removed many users with less than 3% of the frequency, the purpose is to give everyone a simpler setup and a better camera experience.

For example, we can't see the choice of the photo pixel size in the camera, only the choice of the frame ratio. In fact, the choice of the frame ratio can be switched between different pixel sizes.

Like the continuous shooting function, it used to be in one mode, but now it is directly inherited on the camera button. When the user presses the camera button for a long time, it will trigger continuous shooting, and the continuous shooting speed is very fast.

Currently, engineers are also working on overtime to optimize the camera, including optical image stabilization, high-definition video capture, high frame rate slow motion effects and more.

Meizu in stealth

At present, Meizu, although it has not publicly released the lift lens, TOF, structured light or some 5G related news, but Wang Wenzhao said, "What we need to consider is how to provide the right products at the right time to enhance the user's use. Experience, this is what Meizu values, not necessarily the first time to launch the market." Like the screen fingerprint can achieve the industry-leading 0.25 seconds to unlock, the camera uses the industry's best hardware, customizing the world's smallest 20 million pixel front camera and other practices, in fact, Meizu is pursuing balance, providing performance of cost-effective products, just like Meizu's spiritual slogan "pursue from love", "a good product can be brought to the user to have a good foundation", which is currently more valued by Meizu.

Article source: Pacific Internet

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