TouchPal to force AI assistant "Talia" bless OPPO new machine
Issue Time:2018-08-23
In recent years, the Chinese economy is facing a huge turning point. Whether the real estate, mobile phones or the Internet industry are gradually entering the stock market from the incremental market, the traffic dividend period is coming to an end, which directly leads to the downturn of the domestic capital market. Data show that in the first quarter of 2018, the domestic mobile phone market shipments reached 87.37 million units, a decline of 26.1%. The population traffic dividend in the Chinese mobile phone market is no longer. In order to seek a broader space outside the local market, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers seek to develop in the global market has become an inevitable trend.

On August 21st, OPPO held a new machine conference in Mumbai, India, and launched the latest mobile phone for the OPPO F9 Pro. The biggest highlight of this phone at the software level is that it is pre-installed with the touch-sensitive AI input. The AI ​​assistant "Talia" inside the law. Different from other virtual assistants, the interactive logic of “Talia” has changed from “user active search” to “AI active recommendation”, which makes the input method have “thinking” ability to help the input person make decisions. “Talia” has three characteristics: situational awareness, immersive experience, and AI initiative recommendation. This makes “Talia” more understand the content that users want to express, and can more accurately meet the more personalized scene requirements of users on mobile phones. Brings an unprecedented smartphone interaction experience.

When the user uses the mobile phone, in the current APP usage scenario, “Talia” can respond intelligently in the form of a bubble, and intelligently recommend the required utility or other life service without having to retrieve other applications. "Talia" does not occupy the input range, and does not affect the input habits at all, greatly improving the user's interaction efficiency, and significantly improving the troublesome operation experience of switching back and forth between APPs. At present, “Talia” has opened 6 scenes such as smart reply, weather query, calculator, exchange rate conversion, quick paste and fast fill to OPPO F9 Pro.

It is understood that this cooperation is not the first "electric shock" of OPPO and TouchPal. Since both parties have deployed the global market, their cooperation has been launched many years ago. The TouchPass input method has a broad user base worldwide and currently supports more than 110 languages, covering more than 240 countries and regions, with more than 120 million daily active users. OPPO mobile phones currently have a large overseas market in Southeast Asia, India and other global markets. One is the pioneer of the software industry, and the other is the mobile phone industry. The OPPO mobile phone pre-installed with TouchPal input method will also be this smart. The convenient input method has brought more users around the world, and both sides have achieved a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

In addition to years of cooperation with OPPO, TouchPal has been deeply cultivated in the United States, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and other countries for many years, and has established close cooperative relations with mobile phone manufacturers such as vivo, ZTE and Chuan. With the continuous expansion of the immersive AI assistant “Talia” in the direction of ecological integration and content distribution, TouchPal will establish higher overseas technical barriers for partners to enhance product competitiveness and jointly develop the road of AI service. In addition, TouchPal has also opened its own AI technology to more mobile phone manufacturers with a more open mind, and explored new forms of smartphones with partners through customized methods.

Under the tide of China's mobile phone manufacturers going to sea, the continuous polishing of technology and services by TouchPal and mobile phone manufacturers, as well as the establishment of differentiated advantages, will definitely promote the positive development of the entire ecological chain, thereby further accelerating the software and hardware overseas. The AI ​​process will revolutionize the next mobile phone user experience.

Article source: Mobile China

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