Old iPhone is not necessary to sell, new use you can try
Issue Time:2018-08-21
The new iPhone is coming soon! The speed of mobile phone update is so fast, and the speed of our mobile phone is naturally fast. In the midst of the exchange boom, you have a headache: what should I do with the old iPhone? Is it sold?

Selling is not impossible, but have you ever thought that the old iPhone you replaced might have other more useful ways?

In fact, as long as your old iPhone can connect to a wireless network - whether it's the original iPhone or the iPhone 7/7 Plus - there are still many ways to take advantage of it without the need for a cellular mobile network.

Use your old iPhone as a music player

It's also very good to use your old phone as an iPod when you cook or go out or when you are bored. Although many of them are now saying that the iPod is out of date, an era will always pass, but we will never go to music.

Use Siri

Although the replaced iPhone is no longer new, there are some very good features in the iPhone, you can use it, for example, Siri. You can hang your old phone in one place, put it in a closet or on a shelf, use the smart voice system to help you search for recipes, or use it as a timer, when you make a cake or a stew In time, you can use it to help you. When you are busy with your hands, you can also make a phone call. It is so convenient and easy to save. Why must you sell it?

Use the iPhone to supervise your home

We can also use the old iPhone as a security camera. Although the phone's camera is not as clear as the new phone, it can also help you better monitor your home. The old iPhone can also be used as a driving recorder. It is also a big expense to install a driving recorder on the road of many people on this car, but it can be clearly recorded with your old iPhone, as long as you have electricity. Yes, in fact, this has many uses, why do you have to choose one?

It can be seen that selling the old iPhone is not the best way. Do you know all the friends? Find the best place for the old iPhone you replaced.

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