Behind the rise in the average price of domestic mobile phones: the increasing confidence in the international competition
Issue Time:2018-08-16
In the era when the "thousand yuan machine" prevailed, it seemed that only one quotation was the most anticipated in a press conference. When the price of "1999" or "899 yuan" was played on the big screen, the audience could always burst out. sound.

Nowadays, the domestic flagship price has steadily embarked on the 4,000 yuan file, and the era of low-cost shopping is gone forever. This aspect is the impact of rising raw material and supply chain prices. On the other hand, domestic mobile phones have increased their investment in new technologies such as full screen, 3D face recognition and screen fingerprinting.

Recently, market research firm Counterpoint Research announced the average retail price (ASP) ranking of global mobile phone brands in the second quarter of 2018. The Apple iPhone is still the most expensive smartphone, with an average retail price of $724, up 20% year-on-year. The second is the domestic brand OPPO, with an average selling price of $275, up 20% year-on-year.

In addition, the average retail price of Huawei mobile phones was 265 US dollars, an increase of 28%; the average price of vivo mobile phones was 259 US dollars, up 16% year-on-year; the average selling price of Samsung mobile phones was 247 US dollars, up 5% year-on-year. The average selling price of Xiaomi mobile phones, which has been dominated by the high-cost-effective market, has also increased by 14%.

According to the Counterpoint Research report, the main reason for the sharp rise in the average retail price of Chinese branded mobile phones is the continuous introduction of new technologies such as appearance upgrades, artificial intelligence/double-shot, and the increasing proportion of mid-to-high-end products, compared to Samsung and Apple. Insufficiency.

Last year, Apple's iPhone X price reached more than 8,800 yuan, compared to the top version of the iPhone6 ​​and iPhone7 release, the price is nearly 2,000 yuan. For many domestic users, the expensive price of the iPhone X has exceeded the acceptance of many people, and although there is a comprehensive screen innovation, the actual experience is only the addition of face ID, AR shooting, wireless charging and other technologies. It is hard to be a revolutionary innovative design, and it is naturally difficult for consumers to buy it.

The price of the Samsung Note 9 top-of-the-line version just released reached 94.9 yuan. This is equipped with the 845 845 flagship machine. In the same configuration of domestic brands, the lowest price is only 2,600 yuan, the difference is nearly 7,000, although there are Super AMOLED full-view curved screen is supported by such unique technology, but for users, it is necessary to consider whether the high price brings about the improvement of the actual experience.

On the other hand, domestic mobile phones, Huawei's latest P20 series top price has exceeded 5,000 yuan, and in 2015 this series of prices just over 2,000 yuan. Similarly, the latest OPPO Find X top version price is over 5,000, and the vivo NEX series price is close to 5,000 yuan.

The price of domestic flagship mobile phones is much lower than that of Apple and Samsung, but it has brought more changes in some technological innovations. The Huawei P20 Pro is the world's first rear-mounted three-camera smartphone, and is equipped with Huawei AI chip Kirin 970; OPPO Find X is the first mobile phone to support 3D face recognition in the Android camp. It also brings a new dual-track periscope lifting camera and up to 93.8% of the screen; vivo NEX is equipped with on-screen fingerprint 3.0 and full-screen sound technology. .

Obviously, there is not enough innovation to support high prices. As the competition of smart phones shifts from parameter stacking to user experience and user service competition, the future will simply not rely on the market due to high configuration. Without the support of innovative black technology, it will be difficult to gain consumer attention. This is also the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer. The key to the first share of profit is the first.

Article source: Phoenix Network Technology

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