Decathlon, talented and re-recognized mobile phone recommendation
Issue Time:2018-08-13
Although it is never possible to have a perfect mobile phone, we need to weigh the various features of the mobile phone to select the product that best suits our needs, but there are always some mobile phones that will stand out from the crowd. The mobile phone is more attractive and can make people think of them in the first place.

Of course, if the budget is limited, it is difficult to balance everything. You can reduce the performance weight for the value of the face, or you can not mind the camera for the sake of taking pictures. However, if you simply discuss your preferences, I believe you still want to buy a more versatile, each The aspects are not weaker than the flagship of the people. Let's take a look at them today. These new machines have been widely recognized in the near future.


Find X will not be unexpected on the list. After all, its stunning degree is absolutely second to none in this year's new machine. The drastic improvement will directly create a sense of technology that is similar to other products in different eras. This kind of exploration spirit is worthwhile. As a special compliment, not to mention, Find X, although conceived in vain, but the product completion is very high, is definitely a comprehensive flagship.

In terms of configuration, the Snapdragon 845, which stands for absolute performance, will not be absent. The highest specification of 8GB+256GB (non-Lamborghini version) also guarantees that there will be no performance shorts on Find X, and the version with SuperVOOC super flash charging technology. It is full of black technology, and it takes only 35 minutes to fill the entire mobile phone, so that users no longer need to worry about battery life.

In addition to the flagship configuration, OPPO Find X's most attractive is its unique appearance, using a two-track predatory structure to achieve a positive and negative non-porous design, the 6.42-inch Samsung OLED curved screen achieves a screen ratio of up to 93.8% of the curved panoramic screen, the fuselage is full of exquisite design and natural line transition, the overall integrity implies very good.

Vivo NEX

When it comes to OPPO Find X, it is difficult to mention vivo NEX at the same time. In this year's products, the blue and green two factories have exploded amazingly. Through the lifting camera, NEX has also become the representative of the ultimate screen ratio, killing the bangs' bright screen effect is amazing.

In addition to the ultimate screen ratio brought by the lift camera, vivo NEX is also worthy of the flagship in all aspects. The appearance of the Snapdragon 845 processor guarantees strong game performance, 8GB RAM + 128GB / 256GB ROM storage, there is no need to say more about performance, reaching the current top level, definitely worthy of a flagship requirement.

Vivo NEX is equipped with a 6.59-inch OLED full-screen, 19.3:9 ratio, with an ultra-narrow bezel (left and right border 1.7mm, upper border 2.16mm, lower border 5.08mm), making the screen ratio of the whole machine reach 91.24%, Refreshing the current comprehensive screen standard in the industry, when holding the game, not only the vision is greater, but also a pleasure to hold the game interface directly in the hand.

Meizu 16

Recently, Meizu 16 can also be described as the show, the emergence of Xiaolong 845, so that when you discuss the absolute performance of the mobile phone, you will finally straighten up the waist, you can fully express the other characteristics you have. : Screen fingerprint + linear vibration motor mEngine + copper tube liquid cooling + IMX380 + OIS optical anti-shake, such a rich experience enhanced configuration, can be said to be very strong.

Meizu 16 series has 6.0-inch Meizu 16th and 6.5-inch screen Meizu 16th Plus two models, of which the small size version is more popular with us, in the case of the main configuration and Plus version is no different, 1080P resolution Super AMOLED screen Sure enough, it is better to put it on a slightly smaller size. The Meizu 16 of the 6-inch screen has three memory specifications of 6+64, 6+128 and 8+128, and the price is 2698, 2998 and 3298 yuan respectively.

The Meizu's uniqueness is not only reflected in the configuration, but also in the Xiaomi 8 broken cans, the non-3D structured light version is also on the big bangs, while the Meizu 16 series still adheres to its own design, relying on custom COF packaging. The module and the ultra-narrow bezel make the screen ratio 91.8% without using the bangs design. It’s just that the X8 that Huang Bo has to launch is Liu Haiping’s design. Although this is influenced by positioning and price factors, after the release of Meizu’s contempt for Liu Hai, it’s still a bit of a face. .

Millet MIX 2S

An embarrassing situation is that in the case that the appearance of Xiaomi 8 is indeed too similar to that of the iPhone X, its release has instead promoted a lot of rice noodles to pay more attention to the Xiaomi MIX 2S earlier. Although the screen ratio is superior to the above three, the MIX 2S has at least half of the task - to get rid of the forehead, although it has created a front camera with a bit of a self-portrait.

Configuration has always been a strength of Xiaomi, the processor should use the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, memory in addition to the regular version of 6GB RAM, the exclusive version is further upgraded with 8GB of large running memory The storage space is also available in three different configurations of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

In this photo, the MIX 2S has made great progress. The rear main camera adopts Sony's IMX363, Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing and blessing, which can achieve fast and accurate focusing in various light environments. It is matched with the hot spot AI scene recognition function, which can distinguish 25 labels that can be identified, for a total of 206 fine scenes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As Samsung's latest flagship in the second half of the year, Note 9's list is also reasonable. Samsung's non-bang design has always been different from the follow-up party, although the border width of the left and right sides seems to be regressing. A little, but the full-view curved screen that is increased to 6.4 inches 2K and the 4000mAh large battery that was first installed in the flagship machine are very exciting.

The configuration aspect is unsurprisingly using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, and the memory is also available in 6/8GB+128/512GB specifications. It can be said that the convention has been improved on the basis of S9, and also compensated for S9 4GB. The resentment brought by RAM. The camera is using a dual 1200W pixel wide-angle + telephoto rear dual-camera solution, in which the main camera still supports the iconic F2.4/F1.5 variable aperture, supporting 960fps super slow-motion video recording.

Of course, the biggest highlight of Note 9 is the upgraded S Pen. As mentioned before, the new S Pen adds support for Bluetooth technology, which allows it to instantly transform into a wireless remote control that can help you. It's easier to operate your phone.

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