AI technology is hot, intelligent voice assistant becomes standard for mobile phones
Issue Time:2018-07-31
For the "arms race" of Android phones, it is not unfamiliar to everyone. As the frequency of mobile phone use increases, users have higher requirements for hardware configuration such as processor and memory. Mobile phone manufacturers have launched crazy competition to grab more users. The phone's memory is from 1GB, 4GB, to the current 8GB, and has not stopped, and will grow to 10GB in the future.

In recent years, AI technology has become hot, and new things such as AI voice assistants have joined the "arms race." Foreign media recently released news that in 2018, nearly half of the world's smartphones will be equipped with AI intelligent voice assistants, a significant increase compared with last year.

By the end of this year, a total of 47.7% of smartphones will be equipped with AI Intelligent Voice Assistant. By 2023, more than 90% of smartphones worldwide will be equipped with new voice assistants. There is no doubt that the AI ​​assistant has become a new direction for manufacturers to compete. At present, mobile phone manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the user's experience, and voice assistants are also smarter. So what is the most intelligent voice assistant?

Apple siri

Siri voice assistants have been released as early as 10 years ago. When smartphones were not popular, the emergence of Siri caused a sensation among consumers around the world. However, Apple has not always attached importance to Siri's research and development. As the earliest intelligent assistant in the industry, Siri has not been updated and changed over the years. The basic use is mainly in the form of question and answer, and the limitations are very large. Currently, Siri only supports simple signals and does not know how to communicate with third-party apps.

Samsung Bixby

Compared with Siri, Samsung Bixby is the representative of the new era voice assistant. Bixby is on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its use is very intelligent and user-friendly. After evoking the voice assistant, users can communicate directly with Bixby without having to ask questions. Not only that, but Samsung Bixby also has built-in learning AI. Through continuous learning of a large amount of user data, Bixby can implement iterative updates and continuously upgrade various capabilities.

Little love classmate

In addition, Xiaomi’s little love classmates, at the launch conference of Xiaomi mix2s, Xiao Ai’s classmates can be said to have made a splash. However, only a few mobile phones support the feature of wake-up of the video screen. This is very unhumanized. Based on this place, my opinion on Xiaomi is a bit bad. In my actual experience, although Xiao Ai has more new features to support more personalized things, in my daily experience, I am still interested in Apple's siri.

In addition to the above voice assistants, there are also Google assistants, vivo jovi, and small European voices on the market. Among them, Google Assistant only provides services abroad; the release time of jovi and small European voice is not long, and its specific user experience remains to be discussed. In addition, there is news recently that Huawei is also developing its own AI assistant, which is expected to be unveiled on Huawei mate20.

In summary, the AI ​​assistant has become a must-have feature of the mobile phone, which not only reflects the convenience of operation, but also brings fun. And with the mobile home key canceled, voice operation is undoubtedly the user's first choice. From the perspective of the actions of various manufacturers, the AI ​​assistant has become a slogan. The "arms race" of the year has not stopped. It is just a change. A large and small mobile phone manufacturers are investing in R&D. In the future, mobile phones will become more Understand the user.

Article source: YORK

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