Huawei can't compare this black technology. In addition to GT technology, another "scare" technology will be born.
Issue Time:2018-07-20
Huawei mobile phone as the main force in domestic mobile phones, sales ranked first. Huawei is very popular in the mobile phone market, and its technical performance is inseparable. Huawei's recently launched GPU Turbo technology has received a series of praises on the market. However, Huawei has recently brought us a new technology. No one can compare this technology. What is it? For details, please see below, and there are benefits at the end of the article!

Huawei's black technology is a new type of charger that has been submitted on the national 3C certification website. What surprised us is that this charger can have up to 10V/4A output. And this technology will also be used in the Huawei mate20 released next year to achieve a truly fast flash charging technology.

The most powerful charging technology now is the flash charging technology of the OPPO Find X Lamborghini version of Super VOOC. This technology can be filled with a 3400 mAh lithium battery in 35 minutes, through two cell technology, plus a high-powered charging head.

Nowadays, major mobile phone manufacturers are not only pursuing mobile phone design, but also competing to launch their own charging technology. However, for flash charging technology, it seems that users are not catching a cold, but they are more concerned about the battery capacity of mobile phones.

Huawei's flash charging technology supports 40W output, so there will be Huawei and OPPO as the leader in the flash charging technology. Little friends, how much time do you think Huawei's flash charging technology will fill a battery? Let's leave a message and exchange views. If you want to know more about mobile phone, please pay attention to Xiaobian, and share more exciting content every day.

Welfare is coming at the end of the article. When we clean up the memory of the mobile phone, WeChat is a small editor. In many cases, we clean up WeChat and delete some important work chats, but Xiaobian will retrieve it through the mobile data recovery wizard. You just need to open the mobile app or browse to find it. Therefore, for this bad habit of Xiaobian, I am no longer afraid that the chat record will be deleted.

Article source: Love geek

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