I have a large battery of 4000mAh, I don’t think BlackBerry is still a mobile phone.
Issue Time:2018-07-07
Twitter god @evleaks has exposed a mobile phone, this time turned out to be a mobile phone that has not appeared in our eyes for a long time - BlackBerry Ghost, although the BlackBerry has been known for its safe business, but because of its conservative development strategy, it only Can slowly withdraw from the user's field of vision in the era of smart phones.

In fact, as early as February @evleaks has exposed the first rendering of the BlackBerry Ghost, this time directly burst out of the BlackBerry Ghost will use ultra-narrow bezel and 18:9 display, with 4000 mAh battery, battery life There will be good performance, which will be released as early as this summer, and will also use the popular dual-lens lens.

In fact, although this phone has a BlackBerry logo, the manufacturer behind it is an Indian company Optiemus. This is because the BlackBerry has licensed the brand to different companies. The domestic BlackBerry brand is owned by TCL Group, which means that you buy the country. The BlackBerry is actually made by TCL. It is expected that this mobile phone will not be listed in China. If there is still a loyal fan of BlackBerry, it may need to be purchased abroad.

Article source: Pacific Internet

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