Which phone is strong? Huawei millet advances into the top three
Issue Time:2018-06-28
On June 28, according to a "Hot Mobile Phone Comprehensive Evaluation Ranking" issued by China Mobile's Intelligent Hardware Testing Center, Huawei and Xiaomi ranked significantly in terms of voice quality, AI experience, and photographing experience. .

China Mobile's smart hardware test center gathers network data of 31 million 4G subscribers in 29 provinces and selects 1200 mobile phone evaluation data, and more than 660 models of smart hardware evaluation data, as well as more than 80 models of modules and more than 20 models of NB-IOT product evaluations. Data, the product covers 53 mobile phones and 3 chips of 22 brands, and tries its best to create the first edition of “China Mobile 2018 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report”.

Among them, the comprehensive evaluation results in the field of mobile phones show that in the price range of more than 3,000 yuan, Huawei P20 pro, Huawei P20, Samsung S9+, and 2000-3000 yuan price, in the glory 10, millet 8, OPPO R15, 1000-2000 yuan price, Huawei Nova 3e, Huawei enjoys 8Plus, OPPO A3, and under 1,000 yuan, millet millet 5Plus, glory play 7c, glory play 7A, performance is remarkable in voice quality, hardware design innovation, AI experience, etc. Ranked the top three in the list.

In the "Mobile Phone Photo Evaluation Ranking", in the price of more than 3,000 yuan, Huawei P20 pro, Samsung S9 +, millet MIX2s, 1500-3000 yuan price, millet 8, glory 10, Meizu 15,1500 yuan price, nuts 3, red rice Note5, mobile N3 performed well, were ranked in the top three.

Article Source: Feixiang Network

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