2018 Huawei Terminal Developer Conference To Build a Sports Health Ecosystem
Issue Time:2018-06-25
On June 23, 2018, the Huawei Health Forum for Global Partner and Developer Conference of the Huawei Terminal was held in Beijing. The conference focused on openness and innovation as the theme, focusing on full connectivity, intelligence, and globalization to focus on artificial intelligence. The digital ecology of the era, together to explore a better digital life. Mr. Zhang Wei, President of Huawei's smart wearable and sports health product line, explained Huawei's deep understanding of the sports and health industry and released the overall concept and open strategy of Huawei's HiHealth platform.

Huawei H i Health - Comprehensive Intelligent Health Management Platform

HiHealth builds a sports and health ecosystem with mobile phones and smart wear as its core. It collects more health data (including sports, sleep, stress, weight, chronic illness, etc.) through smart devices and provides users with rich services through AI data analysis. Improving the health of users is an important part of Huawei's CBG IoT strategy.

According to the latest China Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook, the prevalence of chronic diseases in China continues to grow at an annual growth rate of 55%. “Healthy China” has become an urgent need for national strategies and common people. The health management model is gradually moving from disease treatment to Change in risk prevention. Huawei's HiHealth platform responds positively to the State Council's "Healthy China 2030 Plan" spirit, improving users' health in areas such as exercise, sleep, weight, stress, and healthy behavior, and allowing users to reduce morbidity through scientific methods as much as possible. .

At present, Huawei Sports focuses mainly on sports, sleep, stress, and weight. The follow-up will gradually improve the user's overall health quantification. At present, Huawei has achieved a complete solution for data monitoring, data evaluation, and intelligent online service provision. After two and a half years of development, registered users have exceeded 100 million, and have continued to grow at a monthly rate of 3 million+, which has become China's top-level sports and health platform.

Huawei's HiHealt h Platform for Fast Data Sharing and Service Access

In the "Huawei HiHealth Platform Open" topic, Zhongzheng, chief architect of Huawei Smart Wear and Sports Health shared the open architecture design of Huawei's HiHealth platform. The framework fully introduces "health service partners" and "smart device partners". How to quickly access the Huawei HiHealth platform.

The platform is dedicated to the seamless interoperability of people, data, and services. In the speech, Zhongzheng experts cited several very typical examples: How to obtain health data of Huawei HiHealth platform, and how intelligent health equipment manufacturers write data into Huawei HiHealth. Platform, how health service providers can quickly access the HiHealth platform.

Based on the ecological openness of Wear OS and Huawei smart watches

This "Wear OS platform development" theme, specially invited Google senior experts - Wear OS Chinese version of the Tech Lead Li Shijian and smart watch architect Zhao Xuewen to us how to develop based on the Wear OS platform.

There are four ways to display on Wear OS, namely notification, application, dial, and complex components. The site focused on the development and characteristics of the four presentation methods, and shared its common problems in development and solutions. Through the rational use of low-light mode, positioning, and network, it further opened up low-power applications suitable for watches. program.

Android P is coming soon, then the Android P version will also release the watch version. The P version will bring more interesting features and applications. For developers, this is a rare opportunity. For example, the new UI logic, Google's first feature-based application based on Simplified Chinese machine intelligence, etc., on Huawei smart watches, Everyone can jointly develop more valuable applications.

Operational Sports Health Platform Assisting Partners in Business Success

Mr. Luo Yanzhao, Director of Smart Wear and Sports Health Operations, released the sports health management situation and future prospects. Huawei Sports & Health App has professional core testing technology and complete solutions in the fields of exercise, sleep, weight, and fat loss. It now has 100 million registered users and has a monthly stability of over 40 million. Huawei Sports Health WeChat public number fans have already It reached 24 million+. Huawei Sports Health is a business platform that can be operated to maximize the various partners to achieve commercial success, including brand promotion, active users, paid conversion.

Huawei's sports health gradually formed

Based on the HiHealth platform and centered on mobile phones and smart wearables, Huawei has attracted more and more healthy smart accessory data to Huawei's sports health ecosystem and gradually formed a complete health service system. Currently, dozens of partners including Omron, Divers, and Mint have access to Huawei's Hi-Health ecosystem. The Sports Health Platform of the conference presented awards to outstanding partners and conducted in-depth analysis of some cases.

Partners to share a: Mint fat loss - personalized weight management services

The conference specially invited Liang Bin, partner of Mint Health, to share the case of cooperation. As the leading Internet health management technology company in China, the conference has always been committed to helping users achieve healthy weight management goals in a more scientific and simple way. Through Huawei's sports health platform, it provides users with personalized fat reduction services.

Partner Sharing II: Guangzhou Tide Technology - Shumian Decompression Service

Zou Zou, founder and CEO of ZTE Technology, stated that with the popularity of the Internet and big data and the rise of smart phones and smart hardware, the need for personalized psychological and sleep health management has gradually been realized. Users can monitor sleep through smart wearable devices such as Huawei sports bracelets and watches. Aurora Technology provides users with personalized sleep services based on their sleep data, and guides users to sleep training such as body and mind decompression and respiratory training to improve sleep. quality.

Create a healthy ecology and share the future of wisdom

The transformation of digital life affects everyone, every family, and every organization. With the promotion of the “core-end-cloud” collaborative development, mobile phones and other terminal products are accelerating their leap from intelligence to intelligence. The future will be the era in which business intelligence will serve people. The terminal will become our personal assistant and digital avatar, and we will enjoy the beauty of digital life. The developer conference provides rich solutions and development ideas for participants and even the sports and health industry. Through the sharing of innovative technologies and collaborative cooperation in various fields, and complementary advantages, we can find more effective ecological strategies and gain commercial cooperation. Win, and together create a global innovation ecosystem, and then connect accurate, high-quality content and services to each end user.

Article Source: Drive China

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