One plus six global sales break 1 million units Only 22 days for sale
Issue Time:2018-06-19
On June 15th, one-plus-one mobile phone official announced that one-plus-six-plus-two-listed global sales exceeded one million units in 22 days. This is the one-plus-one mobile phone's flagship mobile phone that has sold over one million units so far. In addition, one plus six full series will be open at zero on June 18th.

One plus six on May 17 global release, it has a delicate process design, powerful performance and light and smooth hydrogen OS system, priced from 3199 yuan. Since the sale, one plus six performance is very strong, in the country, one plus six sales of the first day after the sale of only 50 seconds the entire network sales will break 100 million, 12 minutes the entire network of sales exceeded 100,000 units of the mark. In the Indian market, one plus six became the highest single-digit smartphone ever sold in Amazon. One plus 6 8GB + 256GB version is particularly sought-after, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and many other countries and regions are in short supply. For the fastest experience of one plus six, the user had waited for 17 hours in the Pop-up flash shop event held at Inga. There have even been thousands of queues for rain in India.

Deepening the international market, paralleling the dual-track market at home and abroad

The contribution of overseas markets contributed to the one-plus-six-month sales breakdown of one million units. This is due to the internationalization strategy that OnePlus has adhered to since its inception, laying a solid foundation for overseas sales.

With the loss of demographic dividends in the domestic mobile phone market, major mobile phone brands have begun to look into overseas markets. Compared with the practice of conquering local markets first and then expanding overseas markets, OnePlus has allowed both domestic and overseas markets to operate in parallel from the very beginning. And strictly in accordance with a unified international standard output products. According to Liu Zuohu, regardless of the country's region, most of the users' needs are common, and they only concern good products. In this regard, Liu Zuohu said: “We hope that the world can truly recognize and respect Chinese brands by creating a good product that can span racial, regional, linguistic and cultural differences.”

Focusing on overseas markets and insisting on the unified export of products based on international standards, OnePlus' products are highly sought after overseas. At the same time, Yijia actively deploys overseas markets to provide users with more convenient purchase services. In India, a high-end experience store is set up under the OnePlus mobile line, and online cooperation with Amazon has become a high-end mobile phone brand in the Indian market with Apple and Samsung. In Europe, one plus mobile phone and Qualcomm, Amazon and other companies to establish long-term partnership, Northern Europe, Finland's largest operator ELISA, Swedish telecom giant TELIA are a plus mobile phone partners. At present, OnePlus products are sold in 36 countries and regions around the world.

Differentiated product strategy, only the best Android flagship

"Only doing the best Android flagship" is a product strategy that has always been adhered to for four years since the establishment of the handset, and is also the root of one plus six hot sales. After years of grinding and sedimentation from one-plus-one to one-plus-one phones, the full-speed flagship one plus six appeared in front of consumers with a better design and a better user experience, and was supported by users at home and abroad. Accredited.

One plus six is ​​not a simple stacking configuration. It seeks to provide users with a "no burden" experience that is arbitrary and truly free. The one-plus-eye "no-burden product" has three characteristics: First, it is fast and no burden, and when you pick up one plus six, you can experience rapid fluency. Even if you use it for a long time and with high intensity, it is still excellent. The performance of the experience; Second, no burden on the design, to achieve long-lasting endurance rather than too dazzling, easy to understand and get started; third is to use AI artificial intelligence, allowing users to release from the complex operation, not too much bother to the user's life. In today's second half of the competition in the smart phone industry, OnePlus has focused on user experience and has taken the lead in putting forward a product concept of “no burden”. This differentiated approach is to put the user experience at the heart of the performance and truly make products and services live.

Rejecting the "sea of ​​tactics" tactics, one insists on doing only the best Android flagship, and in order to provide consumers with the best experience, one plus the repeated polishing of the product, and even spend a lot of time and cost to adjust a color, polished A ridgeline, or proofing hundreds of times in order to match the curvature of the palm, and experience each one.

As a product-centric company, OnePlus Mobile has maintained its own pace in the four years since its founding. It has been steady and steady, focused on the creation of the flagship boutique, and finally brought about a gratifying increase of one plus six. Sales Performance. As one plus founder Liu Zuohu said, “We want to be a healthier and longer-term company.” After four years of exploration and continuous practice, OnePlus Mobile has become more aware of its positioning and development path in the smart phone market. A surprising transcript was handed over.

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