Huawei dumbfounded! DxO said that three camera phones will be popular next year
Issue Time:2018-06-11
It took nearly four years for smart phones to take a single shot and double shots, but it seems that the time taken from double shots to triple shots is shorter. This year, the Huawei P20 Pro was officially launched, and the "Three-shots of Leica" was notorious. With the popularity of the Huawei P20 Pro, the concept of three cameras has gradually been accepted by consumers.

However, the majority of smart phones in the market today are still based on dual cameras. How long is the distance between the three cameras? Nicolas Touchard, vice president of marketing at DxOMark, a famous image evaluation agency, recently said in an interview that he thinks three camera phones. The time will come in 2019, and the four-shot phone will not be far behind.

He believes that the significance of the birth of three camera phones is to provide better zoom quality and higher static image quality performance to current smart phones, and to enhance the camera's photo experience in all directions. In fact, the three-handed cell phone representative of the Huawei P20 Pro is doing similar things, including the use of three cameras to achieve a five-time lossless zoom, enhance the static image quality and other photos.

A number of sources have shown that the whirlwind of the three camera phones is rapidly forming. It seems that the adoption of three cameras in the whole industry next year is not without a word. Previously, there were reports that Apple intends to use three camera designs in its next year's products, while the main camera will use a large 1/1.8-inch COMS.

And it is said that Apple's ideas and Huawei are also relatively close, in 2019 iPhone's three cameras will also have a telephoto lens. The remaining two are the main camera and AR enhanced lens.

The arrival of the three cameras not only enables the mobile phone to take pictures, but also enhances the picture quality. For mobile phone manufacturers, it also adds a very real marketing selling point. It is believed that the great success of Huawei's P20 Pro also inspired many other manufacturers. At least for now, the benefits of one more camera are obvious.

However, the more mobile phone cameras, the better? Actually not necessarily. Xiao Lei (WeChat: leitech) believes that the increase in the number of mobile phone cameras is just a compromise in the current CMOS technology. With the development of supply chain technology, the functions of most multi-cameras in the future can be concentrated on a single sensor, and it will be time to return to the single-camera era.

Article Source: Ray Technology

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