Dual-band GPS mobile phone xiaomi 8 released on June 5 to open the first sale
Issue Time:2018-06-05
On May 31, Xiaomi held its annual flagship conference in Shenzhen and released the 6.21-inch and 5.88-inch size flagship Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi 8 SE, as well as Xiaomi Bracelet 3. As the 8th Anniversary Edition of Xiaomi Mobile Phone, Xiaomi 8 uses the Xiaolong 845 annual flagship processor to become the world’s first dual-band GPS mobile phone, supporting ultra-precise positioning. Xiaomi 8 SE is the first small screen flagship mobile phone equipped with a Xiaolong 710 quasi flagship processor. Millet 8 and Xiaomi 8 SE will be officially launched on June 5 and June 8 respectively, with prices starting from 2699 and 1799. Millet bracelet 3 is priced at 169 yuan, on June 5 for sale.

Thin and light, water droplet arc design

As the 8th anniversary masterpiece, the appearance of Xiaomi 8 technology accumulates the technical accumulation of millet for many years: the back uses a four-curved design, the glass body whole body crystal, with the same color 7 series aluminum alloy frame, so that the glass and metal in the arc perfect Convergence, the whole seamless. In particular, the design of the four-curved "water drop arc" is even more dazzling. When the light and shadow shine on the body of the millet 8, the carefully crafted "R corner" is like a stream of light, like a crystal clear water droplets.
Millet 8 overall size is only equivalent to the size of the traditional 5.5-inch mobile phone, the perfect R-angle design makes the body smooth and smooth, the whole width of only 74.8mm, so that the back of the phone's curvature and hand fit, feel great.

On the screen, Xiaomi 8 uses a 6.21 inch 18.7:9 shaped screen, with a resolution of 2248×1080 FHD+ and a screen share of 86.68%. Adopt Samsung's top AMOLED panel to let Xiaomi 8 support DCI-P3 wide color gamut, extinguished screen display, sun screen, eye protection mode and electrodeless color temperature adjustment, etc., and also can hide the screen bangs through the system settings.

The world's first dual-band GPS phone, ultra precise positioning

Xiaomi 8 is the world's first smart phone equipped with dual-band GPS. It supports dual-frequency positioning using the L1 band of 1575.42 MHz and the L5 band of 1176.45 MHz. For all applications that require location-based services, such as maps and taxis, the app can be used. Effectively avoid inaccurate positioning. Compared with single-frequency GPS mobile phones, millet 8 dual-frequency positioning accuracy increased by at least 3 to 5 times.

Xiaolong 845 flagship processor, running to break the first 300,000

Xiaomi 8 uses Qualcomm's annual flagship processor Xiaolong 845. The Xiaolong 845 uses Samsung's second-generation 10nm LPP advanced process to support ARM's latest DynamIQ technology, which can break the limitations of the original cluster when performing multi-core operations, allocate resources more intelligently, and save power. After Xiaomi and Qualcomm's system-level optimization of Xiaolong 845, the performance of Xiaomi 8 has been further improved, and the security performance of the rabbit has reached 301,472.

Xiaomi 8 also supports multi-functional NFC, which can be used as a bank card, bus card, and door card in daily life, and supports 167 prefecture-level or above cities across the country by bus and subway. In addition, Xiaomi 8 supports full Netcom 5.0, QC4 + fast charging and so on.

AI zoom dual camera, DxOMark camera score 105

Millet 8 is a representative work of the millet camera. On the hardware, the Xiaomi 8 uses the same dual 12 million AI zoom dual camera as the Xiaomi MIX 2S. The 1.4μm large pixel dark light backlight is better, and the Dual PD dual-core focus is fast and accurate. Millet 8 scored 105 points in the DxOMark test, ranking fourth in the world, and once again rising compared to the Xiaomi MIX 2S.
Utilizing the studio light effect function based on AI deep learning technology, Xiaomi 8 can also intelligently recognize the background environment and face information, artistically process pictures, identify facial directions and let the light source intelligently follow, supporting stage light, natural light, movie light, and leaf light Seven kinds of gorgeous light effects can be used to create a stunning effect. Millet 8's AI camera supports 25 kinds of labels, and up to 206 kinds of scene recognition allow ordinary users to use the millet 8 to shoot like a professional.

Millet 8's AI short video feature is still a young man who dominates the circle of friends and plays a shuffling artifact. After recording a video using the high frame rate mode, one of the seven preset styles can be selected in the album, and one-click auto-grading, music distribution, and quick generation of their own micro-movies based on the background music rhythm smart clip.

20 million pixel proactive, first 3D micro-plastic surgery

In the front camera, Xiaomi 8 uses 20 million pixels, supports the sensor technology of four-in-one pixel, and the self-timer is clearer during the day. Night support four-in-one 1.8μm large pixels, dark light self-timer is brighter. Millet 8's AI beauty camera is equipped with self-developed micro-shaping cosmetic algorithm. Self-timer with millet 8 can reshape the facial features from the bottom, to create a suitable for your facial beauty, pad chin, rhinoplasty, abundance cheek, petal lip and other effects are proficient.

Unlike other Android screen phones, Xiaomi 8's “Liu Hai District” is also equipped with 3 μm large pixel independent infrared cameras and infrared lighting components. The infrared face recognition program used by Xiaomi 8 can realize live detection. It can also be quickly unlocked in a completely black environment. It is fast, accurate and safe.

Small screen flagship millet 8 SE, Xiaolong 710 world premiere

Millet 8 SE is the world's first smartphone to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 flagship mobile platform. The Xiaolong 710 is manufactured on a 10nm process and is almost identical to the core architecture of the flagship Xiaolong 845. Comparing with Xiaolong 660, the performance of Xiaolong 710 has been greatly improved. The security Bunny ran up to 174333, and the AI ​​performance was up to twice that of 660. At the same time, the energy efficiency ratio was improved by as much as 30%.
Millet 8 SE crystal texture 2.5D glass body lines tough, neat and tidy, the size of the entire machine is only the size of the traditional 5.2 inch mobile phone size, very suitable for users who love small screen grip. Such a compact body, but with a 5.88-inch Samsung 18.7:9 FHD + AMOLED special-shaped screen, screen accounting for up to 86.12%. The rear Dual PD 1.4μm large pixel, AI dual-camera with extremely fast focus, and the front 20 million 4-in-1 soft light self-timer also make the photo of the Xiaomi 8 SE have a flagship level.

Millet 8 will be officially launched at 10:00 am on June 5. Xiaomi 8 SE will be launched at 10:00 am on June 8. Millet 8 6GB + 64GB version is priced at 2699 yuan, is currently the most cost-effective Xiaolong 845 mobile phone; 6GB +128GB version is priced at 2999 yuan, 6GB +256GB version priced at 3299 yuan. Millet 8 SE 4GB+64GB version is priced at 1799 yuan, 6GB+64GB version is priced at 1999 yuan.

Millet bracelet 3, touch the big screen

The new generation of millet bracelet 3 is equipped with a 0.78-inch OLED screen, which can display 24 Chinese characters on one screen. Can directly display WeChat, SMS, calls and other content, with step count, heart rate, weather, WeChat grab red envelopes to remind, find the phone and other functions. Millet bracelet 3 waterproof better support 50 meters swimming waterproof, while the battery life of more than 20 days. Available in red, black and blue colors, the wristband is a soft, skin-friendly material that has been re-designed, firmly locked and not easily lost.
Millet Bracelet 3 not only has a larger OLED touch screen and the long life, as always, but also a practical news reminder, 50 meters of swimming waterproof, sports auxiliary screen and other new features in one, is the gospel of fitness up. The price is only 169 yuan and will be sold at 10am on June 5th.

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