The most watched 3 full-screen mobile phones in June, the screen value reached the peak, it is worth everyone to look forward to
Issue Time:2018-05-31
Lenovo Z5
Lenovo soon after planning the launch of the new machine is planning a really good name for Lenovo cell phone, that is, will be released next month, the full screen mobile phone Lenovo Z5, this phone will carry Xiaolong 8 series processor, And continue many things that ZUK has not yet realized. Lenovo Z5 can still talk for 30 minutes under the condition of 0% power. I still don't understand this feature, and 0% can still be used. Lenovo Z5 will be a The mobile phone has the ultimate full screen design. Chang Cheng said that the screen share of this mobile phone will be as high as 95%, and such data can be regarded as quite top in the current smart phones. However, it is still unclear what kind of comprehensive screen solution Lenovo will adopt. In short, this feature remains to be seen. In addition, the overall quality of the Lenovo Z5 will also be good, such as the large screen share, Xiaolong processor and other ZUK has accumulated a lot of iron powder in the past, at this moment there is still a certain Charisma. Judging from the regular Weibo comment, the expectations for Z5 are very high. Let us wait and see on June 5.

Vivo NEX
This year, Vivo began its rise. At the beginning of the year, it officially showed everyone its own new concept vivo APEX. This new machine adopts a new design that can be used to lift the camera. The overall screen of the machine is also very shocking. The concept of its own new machine vivo APEX, this new machine adopts a new design with a lifting camera, the whole screen is also very shocking. The new vivo NEX uses a true full-screen design. Due to the use of an elevating camera, it is certain that the NEX High Edition will be the Snapdragon 845+8GB operating memory. However, there is a difference between the low-level processor and the former Xiaolong 660 and Xiaolong 835, but they are not very reliable. Today's picture shows that the NEX low version will carry Xiaolong 710, it seems there is a certain degree of credibility. Makes the machine's front-to-bottom integrated screen occupy a very high proportion. For Blue Factory, this configuration has been able to compete with many manufacturers. Lifting camera, very narrow chin, Xiaolong 845 and starting Xiaolong 710, this kind of configuration and design we feel like? And there is news that vivo has a model V1801A0 new aircraft has been approved by the radio launch model, may be Vivo NEX. The relevant stores under the vivo line have also begun to build momentum for the vivo NEX, and it seems that not far from the release time. Do you think the price of vivo NEX is nearly 7,000 yuan?

Millet 8
"Born for fever" is the product design concept of Xiaomi. Originally, with the Internet development model, we used the geek spirit to do the purest products, and many young people were circulated by the brand "millet" for a short time. Xiaomi once believed that "no design is the best design." Xiaomi 8 also has a heavy function, that is, 3D light structure. The network also circulates a 3D structural light diagram of Xiaomi 8, and Xiaomi's all-important emphasis was placed on the performance of Xiaomi 8 on the mobile phone's performance. The first reaction actually is whether this phone is really a Xiaomi mobile phone? Fingerprint unlocking and camera configuration occupy most of the promotional space of Xiaomi 8, leaving only Xiaolong 845 chip and 6GB large memory for performance. Is this really a millet with performance as its soul? Xiaomi 8 will be in this Released on a monthly basis, if all the above black technologies will be realized, it is estimated that the price of Xiaomi 8 should not be low. Do you not know whether fans are looking forward to it?

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