You can download a high-definition movie 5G in 1 second! are you ready
Issue Time:2018-05-28
One second to download a movie

Unmanned cars driving on the road

Smart Home is convenient for living

5G is coming! are you ready

On May 17th, on the annual World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Speeding up of the Network and Reducing Expenses and Accelerating the 2018 Special Campaign for the Economic Development of the New Economy." It is clear that the 2018 will accelerate the advancement. The development of 5G technology industry will promote the integration of 5G and vertical industries and prepare for the 5G network and application.

In 2016, 5G technology research and trials were launched; in 2018, 5G pilots were launched in multiple locations; in 2020, 5G was fully put into commercial use. China’s 5G is developing in an orderly manner according to the planned timetable and is taking the lead in the world. The 5G, which features high speed, high reliability, low delay, and a large number of terminal networks, is entering our lives. With the advent of the 5G era, what kind of dividends will common users receive, and what needs to be prepared?

5G+ Internet

Ultrafast speed requires equipment upgrade

10GB per second, which is equivalent to 1 second can download a high-definition movie, the speed is 100 times that of 4G network ... In the era of mobile Internet, "high-speed" has become an important feature of 5G technology. The upgrade from 4G to 5G is not only a technology upgrade, but also means a major upgrade of users' online experience.

The experience of using a 5G network to make a call is not much different from that of 4G, 3G, or even 2G, but the Internet experience will be improved. Users can easily watch high-definition movies on mobile phones, play VR (virtual reality) games more smoothly and truly, and do not have to worry about missing important information because there is no network signal.

Laying a 5G network requires a lot of infrastructure investment. Chen Jiang, associate professor of the School of Information Science and Technology at Peking University, said that in order to obtain faster transmission rates, more 5G base stations with a greater number and density need to be built. Base station equipment, antenna site selection, and optimization and debugging must all be higher than 4G. More capital investment. "However, 5G construction will not happen overnight, but it will start in phases from stations, office buildings, and other hot spots; places that have not yet set up 5G will have to rely on 4G to meet the needs of mobile users."

For users, it is not so simple to experience 5G networks. The current mainstream mobile phones do not support 5G, and users want to "earn" each other and get a new mobile phone first. Recently, the person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it is expected that China will produce the first batch of 5G mobile phones in the second half of 2019. Want to upgrade, you have to wait patiently.

Many users report that when they just used 4G, because the network was too smooth, they often "usually used more than a few G, and the amount of money was not enough." While upgrading and using 5G networks, although the unit cost of traffic charges has decreased, due to faster Internet speeds and more IoT devices, users' mobile phone traffic will greatly increase, which may increase some traffic expenses.

5G+ travel

Driverless should be safe first

Yang Xiao, a primary school teacher in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, often drives between urban and rural areas on weekends. He is both excited and embarrassed about driverless technology. On the one hand, the driver changed his passengers and liberated his hands; on the other hand, giving life safety to an invisible, inaccessible artificial intelligence was always not assured.

In March of this year, China Telecom, ZTE, and Baidu completed the first test of unmanned vehicles based on the 5G network live environment in Xiong'an New Area; Hebei Mobile, Huawei and Baoding Great Wall Motor Company completed the first 5G-V2X Automatic remote driving start and driving test. During the test, the steering, acceleration, and braking of the unmanned vehicles are easy. In the future, the unmanned vehicle will also undergo a series of tests for traffic light information, weather information, and road conditions.

In April of this year, Chongqing announced that it will establish a demonstration and demonstration platform for smart transportation and automated driving demonstration based on classification autopilot. On May 17th, relevant persons from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to promote artificial intelligence applications in the areas of 5G and car networking.

Zhu Xi, deputy director of the Center for Communication Law Research at the China University of Political Science and Law, believes that technology cannot be used without risk, and 5G technology is very important as a country's information strategy layout and key information infrastructure. "The commercialization of this technology may also require a relatively lengthy process, requiring the construction and testing of hardware, software and operations."

5G+ home

Wisdom life leaks privacy

Imagine standing in front of the house, but it was rejected because it was not even connected with the smart lock; when it was cold and hungry, it was found that the smart rice cooker did not receive an order, or a pot of raw rice; due to control failure, The air conditioner is hot and cold, the lights are on and off, and the oven cannot automatically shut off.

If smart life is such a thing, many users would rather return to the past.

Insiders pointed out that the number of 5G network addresses is large, allowing everyone to own a lot of IoT devices, and the power consumption is relatively low, which can guarantee a long battery life, combined with a small network delay and a low probability of error. Therefore, it is a smart home, etc. The development of the Internet of Things provides technical support.

This year, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom announced that they will conduct 5G pilots in multiple locations across the country. Shanghai is the only city to be selected as the pilot list for the three major operators. Peng, a student of Fudan University, was a smart home enthusiast. She was looking forward to the pilot work in Shanghai: “Many smart homes in the early days depended on Bluetooth to connect, and they were not very stable. Later, they developed a Wifi wireless connection and the experience was greatly improved. The network channel is too important for smart homes. I expect 5G technology will further enhance the smart home experience.”

Network security issues such as the leakage of user information that are constantly emerging will also threaten the 5G era. Some netizens are worried that in the 5G era, many smart homes are controlled by mobile phones. If a mobile phone is lost or mobile phone information is leaked, a series of chain reactions will be triggered, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Zhu Xi believes that relevant departments should step up the introduction of laws to clearly define the user information that can be obtained and the user information that cannot be obtained. It should also pay attention to the security issues of smart hardware and avoid making these helpers of life and work a “land mine” for cyber security.

“In terms of information security protection, the advantages of 5G are not obvious. It can even be said that due to the increase in the total number of devices, people’s reliance on the Internet of Things has increased, and the importance of Internet of Things terminals has become higher and higher, and the security issues facing 5G have become increasingly serious. It will be more prominent. This poses a more severe test for researchers and R&D engineers," said Chen Jiang.

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