Mobile Shell Adds Drone Technology Drop Auto Hover
Issue Time:2018-05-21
I believe we all have encountered a hand-sliding look, mobile phone drop experience, ranging from shell scraping, heavy screen bursts to break costs maintenance. KickStarter has recently launched a new crowdfunding plan to develop a mobile phone case with built-in drone technology for handset drop problems so that the hand can hover over the air before landing on the ground.
Induced drop ejection propeller

The product called The Phone Drone is a mobile phone case with built-in drone technology. It has patented technology and sensors. When sensing the phone falling from the air, the four propellers in the phone case will pop up automatically. Depending on the sensor data, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation; if the screen of the mobile phone is facing down, the propeller will be rotated clockwise, and the opposite is counterclockwise, ensuring that the mobile phone will have enough to fall on either side. The lift hovered the phone so as not to damage the ground.

When induction falls, the propeller starts spontaneously.

Can land on the hand

After the hovering is stable, the mobile phone will rise to a certain height and hover. Through the sensor of the mobile phone case, when the user moves his hand to the bottom of the mobile phone, the propeller will stop operating and let the mobile phone land on the user's hand to ensure safety. This is somewhat similar to DJI Spark's landing on the hand. The Phone Drone battery has 11 minutes of endurance and can be charged in 25 minutes.

There is a quick admission mechanism.

The Phone Drone goal is to raise 10,000 US dollars, starting a few days has raised nearly a quarter of the number, its estimated price is $ 95 US dollars, if successful standards will be shipped by the end of next year.

Article Source: Global Network