The new screen in the era of new challenges, "Qi Liuhai" mobile phone can stand out?
Issue Time:2018-05-15
The mobile phone industry entered 2018, and the various technologies of mobile phones have also matured. However, from the MWC2018 flagship phones released by various mobile phone manufacturers, the mobile phone industry seems to set off a new "storm."

The design of mobile phones in 2018 can be roughly divided into three categories. One is a more conventional design, such as the strong design language of Samsung and Sony's family. Both design directions have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no distinction between high and low. The other type is “Liu Haiping”. This type of screen can integrate more sensors on the top and free up a larger area of ​​the mobile phone display to enhance the visual impact on the user experience. The last kind is a more radical design approach - the bottom edge, although it can bring a higher visual impact, but more or less will affect some of the mobile phone experience. In these three categories, the positive design trend of mobile phones by mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in 2018 is undoubtedly more biased toward the second, namely "Liu Haiping." So, how can we differentiate the mobile phone itself in many similar designs? This has become a question that has to be considered.

Shape difference

In the mega trend environment, but if there are mobile phone manufacturers can integrate their personality into the popular design, while maintaining the latest technology features while maintaining product identification, then it will be in the public "Liu Haiping" mobile phone stand out.

The purpose of Qi Liuhai's existence is to increase the screen share as much as possible while keeping the front camera, earpiece, and various sensors still placed on the front side. Almost all of the components on the front of the phone are in landscape orientation, coupled with the limitations of current technology capabilities. Therefore, it is difficult to make a difference in the shape of “Qi Liu Hai” with horizontal strips without sacrificing the proportion of the screen.

However, if you want to make appearance differentiation in a short time, you should turn your attention to other aspects of the phone, such as the shape, material and color of other parts of the body. For example, the uniform phone frame of the titanium phone body of the Essential Phone and the uniform screen border of the iPhone X, as well as the unique back design of the new HUAWEI aircraft that was recently exposed, may realize the first time assembling three Leica lenses on the back, and the network transmission will also introduce new ones. Color matching has caused great concern inside and outside the industry.

Have higher integration

The reason why major mobile phone brands keep "bangs" on the screen is actually profound. Liu Hai has integrated many components such as a front camera for self-portraits, a light sensor for sensing the ambient light environment, and a call receiver that users need to use for any phone call. These are important devices that cannot be removed at present. Integrating the same sensor with less space will reduce the area of bangs and increase the proportion of front screens of mobile phones. This is a test of the design and manufacturing capabilities of mobile phones.

In the past two days, Huawei's latest flagship P20 series exposure map shows that this time P20's top bangs are much smaller than the iPhone X's traditional bangs, giving people a relatively good visual experience, which undoubtedly makes people look forward to this. What's the real machine of the new flagship mobile phone? We must know that mobile phones, which are highly integrated products, have an interior space that can be said to be very affordable. The fact that the top bangs can reduce such a large area will undoubtedly make people wonder how this is done.

Liu Haiping is an inevitable trend of the current popular

Judging from the products that have been exposed and released at present, the choice of Liu Haiping's solution is not a single vendor. The addition of Liu Haiping is currently not changing the traditional usage habits. The front camera, call handset, and sensor that we currently know are all on the basis of this, and on this basis, the user's visual experience has been added. In addition, the current mainstream mobile applications and games have been adapted to Liu Haiping's operation. Both horizontal and vertical screens have corresponding optimization and solutions (eg, horizontal screens will be customized for Liu Haiping’s individual buttons, such as fast Screenshots, quick videos, shortcuts to open other applications, etc.) It can be said that Liu Haiping is a general trend.

This month, a large number of flagship handsets represented by Huawei's P20 will soon be released. Since then, Liu Haiping’s mobile phones are expected to continue to emerge in the market. For our consumers, this is undoubtedly a good news.

Article Source:Bubble Net