The 5G era is coming. Mobile phones will have this function
Issue Time:2018-05-09

A 50GB Blu-ray movie was downloaded on the phone in less than a minute; the newly installed mobile game was clicked, and the attached data packet was only loaded in just one second. It was not a science fiction novel. The plot, but in the Chongqing 5G trial network test that just opened last month can realize the 10G wireless network pleasure.

The ultra-high-speed 5G network is already in its infancy, but before cheering for its high bandwidth, I had to tell everyone about its embarrassing facts: So far, all the trials and technical verifications of the 5G network have been concentrated. In the area of network traffic, the basic question of whether it can be used to make telephone calls is rarely concerned.

In fact, from the point of view of the technical standards of 5G itself, it has not been considered for making calls from the very beginning. To put it more precisely, the standard for 5G networks does not include voice-only channels...

So still use our 4G phone,HSEM efforts to build the latest mobile phone--M5501.