Incomming Material Inspection

Cover test

Purpose:QC-Housing 100% housing flawless.

Earphone Testing

Purpose:Call connect state without noise, earphone work well no auto end

Friction Resistance Testing

Purpose:To make sure that the paint on cover is not worn or flaked.

Battery Testing 100% Battery charge work as normal

Purpose:Make sure that the contactoris not oxidated or fell down. Lack of voltage or dis-charge is not allowed. 100 percent qualified.

LCD Testing Display function as100% work as normal

Purpose:Displayed normally without damage or crush.

Charger, Data cable TestingCharger without short circuit, work as normal100%

Purpose:To make sure the charger without short circuit or explosion,and dis-charge or unstable is not allowed. 100 percent qualified.

Mobile phone assembly

Clean PCBA Board To makesure the feel of pressing keypadis good, no Oxidation

Purpose:Make sure that the internalsurface is clean, otherwise it wouldaffect the touching feel or oxidation.

Welding LCD

Welding Camera

Install Lens Dust-free space, fitdust-free

Purpose:Fit without dust in a dust free room.

Process Quality Control

100% pass 35 types of function testing

Purpose:Each standard approved onfunctional inspection.

Connector Coupling TestingTo make sure TV signal intensityis 100%

Purpose:To make sure that the signal of TV is strong enough.

Pass appearance testing, flawless 100%

Purpose:To check the surface in each procedure when assembling.

35 types of function enhanced testing, pass 100%

Purpose:Inspection on performance in a further more level, and make that100% qualified.


Check bar code To make sure the bar code corresponds one by one

Purpose:To make sure that each barcode is compeletely correct zzaccording to design.

Pack into carton

Clean handsets No fingerprint

Purpose:To make sure that handset without any fingerprint.

Standard 1.0*1.2 palletize

Purpose:Goods are well placed on pallets based on international standard.

Handset inside of box ,All handsets are the same direction

Purpose:Put in a same manner anddirection and be sure that it looks tidyand in order.


Scan bar code ,Make sure all code on carton are the same as it on the box

Purpose:To make sure that the barcode is competely correct according to code range printed in carton.

Goods loading into the container